Want to Know What to Wear Under Waders?

Why wear waders when a pair of jeans will do?

When I first started fishing, the only thing that entered my mind was to have a good catch. I never gave much thought about the clothes I should wear, or even that I need to dress up in a particular way.

I mean, oh come on, what difference will it make if I go fishing in my favorite pair of jeans. Why spend money on a pair of waders? And what’s so wrong with getting a little messy and wet.

After all, you are going fishing, aren't you?


I didn’t have waders until I went fishing on a hot and sunny summer day. What to wear under waders is equally important.

Oh Man, I Need WADERS

I climbed the mountains. The weather turned cold, the water even colder, and the wind blowing in full swing.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was not prepared for this scenario. Oh lord, where are my waders?

need waders

And the story is not yet over. I realized that wearing waders is not just enough. I need to pair up my waders with correct garments worn under them else they will do more harm than good by making the situation even worse, with my legs sweating and perspiring.

need waders

Although breathable waders nowadays replace the heavy vulcanized neoprene and rubber waders with waterproof outer layers and lightweight, intelligently crafted base and middle layers.

However, pairing them up with incorrect garments can cause utter discomfort.

Choosing Right Type of Garments For Your Waders

Pairing your waders with the correct type of garments can ensure warmth and comfort for a longer duration, thereby making you stay in the water longer.

I have experimented with all sorts of garments from sweatpants tucked into socks to shorts and to fleece and wool blend fabrics.

  • After a period of trial and error I have found the range of Pants from Simms, which are specifically designed to be worn under waders; to be highly comfortable and reliable. They provide the desired warmth without getting too warm.

They fit perfectly and slide easily under the waders. And an extra bonus is no more sock-tucking required.

You must also try the fleece pants from Redington, which provides the perfect warmth required for flying fishing.

No products found.

You may wonder and ask why breathable garments when they are supposed to be waterproof? And again, why is the layering so much important?

Well, adventurous fishing activities are often coupled with profuse sweating, and when all this sweat doesn’t perspire out of your waders, it can lead to great discomfort.

The correct garment with proper layering not just provide the necessary insulation but also manage excess moisture and sweat that may otherwise accumulate into the waders.

However, the choice of fabric depends primarily on temperature ranges in which they are to be worn.

  • But cotton is one fabric that you should totally avoid wearing under waders since its highly hydrophilic and provides no insulation.

Starting with the base layer, you can wear ankle length socks having a cushioned sole. In warm weather, a single pair will work; however, in cold weather, you can consider wearing two.

  • Talking about the fabric, a wool sock works great in cold weather. One thing to remember is that the size of your waders should be chosen so that it comfortably fits the two layers of the sock.
  • Talking about the underpants, the brands like Cabela's have come up with an excellent variety of wader pants specially fabricated to be worn under waders.


You can consider wearing them in winter and for summer, fishing pants will be lightweight and comfortable. The key to choosing an under layer garment is that it should absorb moisture.

How to Stay Warm in the Field | Cabela's Northern Flight

Pair up your waders with a lightweight, long sleeved, pocketed, and ventilating fishing shirt in summers.

For winters, you may consider wearing an under layer shirt. You can further team up your shirt with hooded jackets and raincoats depending on the temperatures.

Basic Layering for Fly Fishing

As far as the leading brands are concerned, you can make a choice of your clothing depending on the level of comfort, seam finish, garment thickness, Wicking ability, and style as parameters.

Let’s Go Fishing

Now when you know how you can effectively pair up your waders with comfortable and cozy wears, let's go fishing in style and comfort. Don't forget to try Simms, Redington, and Cabela's, while you look for your favorite under wader garment.

If you still have questions creeping up your mind, or you want to share your pick about under wader garments, you can put the same in the comments. Don't forget to share the article with your peers and friends if you like it.

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