Is There A Hook Size For The Best Trout Fishing Experience?

What's the best hook size for trout fishing?

That question has lingered on in every angler's mind that weighs in on what hook size for trout fishing is the right one.

It can be quite confusing with no real guidelines for standardizing the kind of hooks out there.

In this guide, we help you choose the best hook size for trout fishing and maximizing your catch without the trouble of confusion on what's the perfect hook size to bag that prized trout catch you've been after.


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Understanding Hook Sizes

Hook sizes can be quite confusing, especially for amateur anglers, but it's actually pretty simple. Hooks are normally based on sizes ranging from zero.

  • Hooks with a number followed by zero are bigger and their size goes up as the number increases. So if your hook sizes are 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 upwards, the hooks get bigger as the number goes up.
  • Hook sizes not followed by zero get smaller as the number increases. So that means a size 14" hook is smaller than a size 12" hook.

Use The Smallest Hook Possible

When selecting which hook to use, the size of your bait matters in relation to the proportion of the hook size.

Trout have an immaculate vision and can see and sense if anything seems out of place in their environment.

They also have excellent lateral lines and can sense or detect any kind of pressure and vibration in their environment.

Determine The Correct Size of Your Hook

Depending on the kind of trout you're after, whether it's Brook Trout, Brown Trout or Rainbow Trout, they are quite wary and aggressive and you can lose your bait without catching them.

Determine the Correct Size- of Your Hook

You need your hook to be as invisible as possible so it won't raise the trout's suspicion and you could end the day without catching anything.

For best results, use hooks that are sized from numbers 8" to 10" and 12" up to 14" although you have to be careful around the tiny hooks because they're not really easy to work into.

Configure Your Hooks Properly

Trout like to eat live bait so it's important that your hooks are properly configured for maximum effect.

For best results, use a set of gang hooks when using worms since these are quite very effective in luring and catching trout.

use the right bait

I suggest that you use a set of JRW Gang Hooks available at Amazon since these are very effective and come in different sizes so you can choose the right sized hook for trout fishing.

More Tips

Use The Right Bait

Using the right kind of bait is as equally important as the size of the hooks you want to use for trout fishing. Nightcrawlers are probably the best bait to hook into besides worms.

They are easier to cast compared to worms which are quite small and quite difficult to cast. But then again tiny baits are more attractive to trout since they love to suck on them like candy.

Mid-sized to smaller baits are the ones that are perfect with the small hooks for trout fishing in waters that aren't so deep.

Learn By Watching Trout Fishing Videos

Here's a good tutorial on YouTube on how to fish for lake trout by Charlie Labrada of expert village.

Notice that while he was showing different kinds of hooks, the smallest one, being #18, is his choice of the size of hook for trout fishing:

Know What Kind Of Hooks To Use For

If you're fishing for rainbow trout, a size 6" up to 8" would be preferable, while a size 4" to 2" would be preferable for bigger trout.

Always keep in mind that trout have excellent vision and can easily discern hooks when they see one. The sizes I've mentioned above may be excellent to use in lowland lakes where the water is a bit murky and not crystal clear.

For really clear waters, I suggest the size 10" upwards since trout are really smart and will be harder to catch in clear waters where their line of sight is very sharp.

Time To Go Fishing

Trout fishing is an enjoyable experience and it's very important to have the right size hook size for better success when catching trout.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can either choose JRW Gang Hooks for better catch, or if you prefer single hook, try the Gamakatsu Trout Worm Hook , both of which are readily available to order online at Amazon.

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  • Once you catch them, it's advisable to put them in ice quickly since trout contain a fair amount of oil that will spoil them quickly when they lay out in the sun longer than you need to.
  • Freshly harvested trout are delicious once you wrap them in foil and bake them, simmered with the right amount of lemon juice.

So if you enjoy fishing as much as I do, do drop me a line anytime on the comments section below. I'd be glad to help you out if you have any questions. Always remember to use the right hook size for trout fishing to enjoy a successful catch.


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