What should I know about Bowie Knives?

What is a Bowie knife? 

A Bowie knife is a long knife with a cross guard and a double-edged blade. The knife was thought to be part of a gentleman's outfit. Bowie Knife has perfect quality compared to penknife, dirk or any other knives. The knife is used for skinning games or bought by knife fools for their collection. The knife used today is like a respectable wild survival knife.

The Jim Bowie knife is primarily designed to be a combat knife that is easy to control, convenient and wearable. The knife was so heavy that it allowed enough force to pierce through the foliage or meat with a single swing that was best used as a survival tool.

History of Bowie knives

Large Bowie knife was created in the early 19th century in Washington, USA. The Bowie knife was originally made by a blacksmith named James Black for Jim Bowie an American pioneer and a Texas hero.

How to take care of your Bowie knife

It is important to make sure you take care of your deer hunting knife to make sure it lasts longer. The most important thing is to sharpen the knife regularly to make sure your tongue does not tarnish. A blunt blade is considered a dangerous blade because you will have to use more force to achieve the same result.

It is important to keep the tactical Bowie knife dry and clean to ensure there is no rust or dust buildup. The best way to clean a hunting knife is to use a clean cloth and apply metal rubbing powder to ensure excellent protection of the blade.

After use, wipe damp and fingerprints with clean cotton. In case your knife has some stains or stains, you can try to remove stains by using metal polishes or detergents. To prevent your tongue from staining, it is important to keep it clean and dry.

For Bowie knife collectors for future generations, you must also avoid fingerprints and moisture. It is essential to store your knives in a cool room with low humidity, comfortable for you to live as this will ensure that they are as safe as you are.

Also, make sure you periodically check your best Bowie knife to ensure they are safe by wiping the knife once a month. If you allow your knife to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance, your collection can quickly lose value.

Is Bowie Knife a great choice?

The bowie knife is an excellent choice and can do most jobs outside of chopping through larger pieces of timber. The skinning knife is multipurpose and can be used for skinning, chopping, and whittling. Also, a bowie knife in terms of self-defense is solid equipment.  Arming yourself with a Bowie knife is important and it can offer you sufficient protection if well used.

What else should you know about a bowie knife? It can be used as a carving knife, box opener, a draw knife, and a can opener. The stiletto is sturdy with a tough bristle that can do a whole bunch of diverse things fairly well.

The best features to observe when selecting a Bowie Knife

It is important that you know the best features to check when buying a knife. If you can observe the following features when buying a Bowie knife, you are assured that you will buy a quality dagger.


While buying your tactical Bowie knife, you must ensure that you buy a quality material. Hunting knives can be made from traditional carbon steel or contemporary stainless steel alloys. If you want to buy the best knife, you should prefer the carbon steel version because it is easy to sharpen and maintain a sharp blade for a long time.

The size of the blade

The size of the blade is determinant of your intended purpose. If you want a knife for chopping wood or clearing wood, a large knife is useful. However, a knife with small blades allows for better accuracy and can be used for many bushcraft skills such as fishermen and hunters.

The Length of the Blade

A custom bowie knife has a standard length of 9.5 inches. It is important that you but a knife with inches between 7.9.5 inches and not shorter than 5 inches. A lengthy blade increases the multi-functionality of the knife.

Final Thought

A bowie knife is a vital tool that everyone should own. It is best used as a survival tool and can be used for various activities such as hunting. The article has offered insight on taking care of your bowie knife to ensure that it last longer. Also, it has offered the best factors to consider when selecting the best Bowie knives.

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