Top Survival and Hunting Tools to carry on your next tour

Survival is the most basic instinct of all the creatures living in this world. As a human being, we are also characterised with survival in the harshest of environments.

Although we are always safe when not exposed to nature in any way. Sometimes our hobbies and activities to take us in the wilderness or in the open where we are quite exposed to the environment, nature, and all the wild animals living in their habitat. In such an environment, our safety and welfare are always going to be fragile.

Sometimes we don’t mean to get into these types of situations too, but we can always end up in them. Bad times or bad luck doesn’t always inform us before coming. So for this reason, it is wise to have some survival and hunting tools all the time that can help us navigate our way to safety.

You always need an insurance policy to make sure you have a good chance to survive in any dire situation. When you are on trekking, hiking, mountaineering, off-roading, or a hunting tour, it is important to carry items that can help you survive in the open if anything doesn’t go as you have planned.

Difficult times always come unannounced, so it is better to prepare for it instead of regretting later. Following are some top survival and hunting tools to carry on your next outdoor tour.

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Top hunting and survival tools

If you are an outdoors person, you need to invest in top hunting and survival tools. These tools will always come in handy when you are in a situation of emergency or crisis. These tools are also quite interesting, and their application can help you survive any mishap on any trip. Following are those items that we recommend to carry all the time in your backpacks when going into the wilderness for a short or a long trip. Do carry these items, as they can save your life any unlucky day.

High-energy protein bars

When you are on trekking trail in any dangerous condition or watching your prey in its natural environment, you should know that trouble can come unannounced anytime. Trekking, hiking, hunting, or any outdoor adventure entails a person to be in perfect shape and fitness. You need to prepare yourself physically so that there is less chance you find yourself in any kind of trouble.

However, even the toughest trekkers or most knowledgeable and skilled hunters can come across life-threatening issues.

To tackle these issues, you need to keep a sharp brain that can think of different ways around. So in order to keep your brain functioning, you need maximum energy in your body. For this reason, you need to keep high-calorie energy bars in your backpack.

They occupy only a small space in the rucksack or any other bag you are carrying. These high-calorie snacks are far better than carrying snacks that take up a lot of space and are also a burden to carry on your shoulders.

Powerful Flashlight

A flashlight is a rudimentary tool for every outdoor person. Although people do carry it most of the times, it is important to carry one that is powerful and long-lasting. Not every flashlight is powerful enough to last long, or provide a longer assortment to signal your rescuers. To satisfy this need, you have to spend your money on a powerful flashlight with a long-lasting battery. This instrument will also come in handy even if there is not an emergency.


Blowing a whistle can allow you to produce a voice signal. This voice signal can be picked from far off areas, and if blown with the wind, it can further enhance its range. A powerful whistle can alert your rescuers from a long distance, from which they can detect your location easily.

Paracord bracelet

Tools such as Paracord bracelet may seem like a fashion accessory of an outdoor person, but in reality, it is a lifesaving tool. It is made up of very long thin ropes that can be used in times of emergency. You can use it in many ways such as binding broken pieces of your vehicle, creating a hammock, sewing your backpack, making a pulley, cutting a piece of wood, making a trap to capture prey, and etc. Some paracords are also equipped with a fire-starting mechanism, a whistle, and even a compass.


Firestarter is the most vital part of a survival kit. Keeping it in your backpack, and knowing how to use it can actually save your life in dire situations. When you can make a fire, you can keep yourself warm along with keeping all the wild animals away. It helps you to develop your camp and shelter which is imperative to survive the night. Fires are also visible from a long distance as well as from above the sky, so it can help in signalling your rescuers too.

Portable Water purifier

A light portable water purifier is a basic tool to carry when going on trekking or a hunting trip. It will help you cleanse water by purifying clean water from all the unhealthy contents. Drinking water straight from rivers or streams is not wise in any kind of adventure. If you do so, you are most likely to fall ill with a stomach bug. So to avoid any trouble with your health in the wilderness, always take a portable water purifier on all your outdoor trips.

Swiss Army knife

A Swiss Army knife is a comprehensive set of knives, fork, spoon, and cutters. In some SAKs, you can also find small flashlights or fire starters. It is a stimulating gadget but it does make your life on the trail much easier. It can also save your life in dire situations. So always keep one in your survival and hunting kit.


When you are lost in the wilderness, a compass will always guide you to your destination. It can also guide you to safety when an emergency situation arises. You are assured to never get lost wherever you go if you know how to use this amazing direction device.

Bivouac Shelter

When you feel like you won’t be able to reach your anticipated destination for the night due to some unforeseen delays in the face of an emergency or injury, a bivouac shelter will always help you survive the gruelling night. It has hoarded a lot of lives in the very extreme conditions, and every traveller must carry one in his or her rucksack just in case. There are a lot of stories that can attest to the fact that a bivouac shelter has saved lives in extreme locations such as deserts, high altitude plains, mountains, and etc.

Axe or a sharp spade

You can use an axe or a sharp spade to dig a ditch, cut a tree for shelter, leaves, or food, or even hang a hammock to escape insects and other animals on the ground. Axe and spade are also going to be helpful for other endurance tricks as well, so carrying this tool is essential for every hunter, trekker, mountaineer, and outdoor person.

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