Tips To Selecting The Perfect Hunting Targets For Your Practice Shots

Practice makes perfect. Yes, this saying is pretty much right. The same holds true for hunting. For you to ace that hunting trip the next time around, you must invest time, effort, and material, such as targets, for you to practice and get a hold of your skill. This article presents you with a guide on selecting the best hunting targets as you practice.

1. Seek the help of a professional

If you are a newbie, one of the best ways for you to really choose the right practice hunting targets is to ask for the advice of a professional hunter. These professionals have been in the game and industry for a longer time than you have, so they know what hunting targets are best for you to practice on.

When practicing how to hunt, what sometimes matters is not how often you spend time practicing, but the quality of the practice targets. Remember, different targets require different hunting skills, so you must make sure to master these all.

2. Read online blogs or watch videos online

If you do not have any personal, first-hand access to any expert around you, do not feel discouraged. There are still many avenues for you to learn online, such as the following:

  • Reading blogs, such as this one that talks about how best to catch mackerel as a target

  • Watching videos, such as those that talk about hunting different types of targets

These blogs and video narratives can be of help, as they are also coming from the first-hand experience of the author or the characters in the video. Plus, the bonus part is that you will actually get to interact with the authors who are hunting experts themselves, as they, too, post their contact details. That way, it is still like having a one-on-one experience with them when it comes to selecting the best hunting targets for your practice sessions.

3. Select the hunting targets that are also the cheaper options

Hunting is an expensive sport. For you to hunt legally, you have to enter legal reserves or pay a particular sum of money for every animal that you successfully hunt. However, there are ways for you to still maximize your practice sessions even through choosing cheaper targets. When you are still practicing, this is not yet the real deal. Hence, you do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase your practice hunt targets.

For example, if you wish to perfect how to hunt a deer, there might be cheaper options for you to practice with that might have the same behavior and speed of a deer in the wild. To make sure you have the best value for money practice choices, do select your options carefully and strategically as well.

4. Choose the target points that best match the size and style of the broadheads you will use

When you wish to go hunting, attention must be given even to the tiniest of details. For example, you must put thought and effort as well into making sure that your target points should best match the size and the style of the broadheads you will use. Doing so is crucial, even if you are merely practicing.

In hunting, broadheads refer to the arrowheads used in the hunting bow to kill your prey. For different types of prey, different arrowheads are also needed when choosing your target point. Examples of arrowheads include:

  • Bodkin points, which are used for longer flights

  • Blunts, which are used for target shooting, shooting stumps

  • Judo points, which are used on grass and debris

  • Broadhead, used to kill prey as fast as possible

Be sure to match your target point with your arrowhead. When you do the same, you are making your practice session closer to how it will be in reality.

5. Don’t be afraid to go into the wild

Even if you are merely practicing, this is also still an excellent opportunity for you to practice with nature. You can also use tree stumps as hunting targets during your practice time. Through this, you are making your practice session closer to what the situation and atmosphere might be in reality.

Remember that when you are out in the wild hunting, you are no longer confined to a single box, or to one type of tree stump, or other vegetation that you might stumble upon. It is crucial, therefore, that you include these as practice hunting targets as well.


Selecting the perfect hunting targets for your practice shots can be quite an intimidating thing to do. However, remember that it is a step that you cannot forego, as practicing well can lead you to perfect your skill. Before going on that next hunting trip, make it a habit to give yourself time to ace that hunting skill of yours.

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