Tips for Traveling with an RV

Have you ever dreamed of packing the entire family in an RV and just start driving? I’m sure you did and so have others, but for many, the RV dream is just that: a dream. Now, if you’re truly passionate about the outdoor and you’d like to enjoy yourself on the road for a few weeks, the RV is the best way to do it.

It’s accessible, it’s a lot cheaper than staying in hotels, and allows for some amazing bonding moments. However, it’s not all roses and unicorns, especially when you travel with the entire family! The space in an RV may be well-designed, but it’s still compact and tight, which tends to get very annoying when anxiety hits.

I learned this from years of RVing around with the kids, and now I have a nice guide for anyone who wants to optimize the experience.

Learn how your RV Works

While they’re not that difficult to maneuver (especially modern ones), they have a lot more controls and gadgets than a regular car. So, before you start a few weeks long trip, take the time to drive it around the home base and learn what every switch and button does.

Also, have a look under the hood and pay attention to the waste disposal system. Learn how to hook it to a power line and how to add fresh water, play with the cleaning system, and always do a bit of tinkering around the engine. This way, you’ll be able to solve most of the possible problems yourself and avoid spending unnecessarily on mechanics and towing services.

Invest in Comfort

I already mentioned that space is crowded, but it can get really crowded after one or two weeks of constant living in the RV. So, to reduce the discomfort, I strongly recommend getting some high-quality beds ( – after all, if everyone sleeps well, it’s less likely to feel irritated.

Also, try to create a system where everyone gets to use the shower and the facilities without having to wait around. Keep things clean and every item in its place to avoid cluttering the small space – organization should be the word of the day!

Get Creative with Cooking

While the kitchen area is not fantastic, by day four you’ll all be fed up with no-cook meals! So, bring out your creativity and look for some meals that can be cooked over a camping fire or a small stove. The kids will appreciate a warm meal and the atmosphere around the fire will be a lot more pleasant than being crammed in the RV.

Also, if you like fishing, you now have a fantastic opportunity to show off your skills! Pull the RV near a river and become the proverbial meal provider of the family by bringing home some freshly caught fish. It will be delicious on the grill or cooked in a pot.

Additional Power Source

Usually, the RV uses power from the battery or from the main line (when hooked up), but you can also use solar panels specially designed for campers. They don’t occupy much space and you can easily install them on the roof of your RV. Furthermore, some are powerful enough to power up several gadgets at a time, so the kids could charge their phones and tablets, while you’re using a laptop.

It’s a great way to save battery life and get some green energy out of your trip!

In Conclusion

RVing is a wonderful experience that will teach the kids about being outdoors and will reinforce the bonds between travelers. But, to have the best trip, it’s important to be creative and tolerant of the others.

Ted Thomas

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