Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Reviews That Will Definitely Make You Buy It-2019

As a 3.7 rated product on Amazon, Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Fish finder might be worthy equipment in your fishing tackle.

Being a fishing enthusiast, I was basically bored by catching the same quantity of fish in all my fishing trips. I knew that my game standard will decrease if the problem is not solved.

​So, this Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Fish Finder Review is from my own exprience and it will definitely help you out.

I got to know about the efficiency of a fish finder and I decided to give it a try. Though Lowrance Elite 7 didn't exist when I solved my problem but I wish it did.

This fish finder is known to solve all typical issues that people face in finding the fish with naked eyes.


Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Fish finder is a popular member of Lowrance Elite lineup.

This gadget is not only a basic fish finder but even is a chartplotter.

It is a marine navigation device which employs GPS date with Electronic Navigational Chart that is handy on sea.



Our Rating

Being a new incarnation, this fish finder comes up with a faster processor, widescreen LCD of 7', pre-loaded Insight Basemap, transom mount transducer, as well as in-built GPS, installation hardware, owner's manual along with one year parts and labor warranty.

The processor used in this device is much faster than its predecessor, Lowrance Elite 7 HDI.

This is obviously a step up in between generations while talking about electronic appliances but the distinction is very significant and can result in more effective fishing.

This new version came up with improved auto-functions that mean, there is no need for doing much manual tuning with the Chirp. The module in the Chirp makes Lowrance Elite 7 CHIRP more versatile than Lowrance Elite 7 HDI.

Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is definitely for you if you use large boat for fishing. The technology of sonar used in it is just ideal for such type of outdoor activity.

This device has the capacity to deliver very crisp images that would make the entire process much easier.

This fish finder might be a perfect balance of exceptional features and economical price for you.

But the device might not be suitable if you plan to use it for canoe or kayak or ice fishing. This is because Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is not so much portable.

But if you are interested in kayaking or thinking to try it once, then you can read this article about kayak fish finder so that you can look for the best kayak fish finder suited for your purpose.

Apart from this, you might not certainly go wrong with the finder. Just have a look upon some pros and cons of the device.


  • The device is well-built and good quality
  • The processor is much faster
  • It is very convenient to store and use
  • The sonar history can be reviewed easily
  • All information can be seen at once.


  • You need to install the transducer to enjoy all its benefits
  • The settings of the device might not seem simple to many
  • It might take time for non-tech users to learn each of its functions properly.

Key Features & Benefits

CHIRP sonar-

DownScan Imaging TM Technology-

Built-in GPS antenna-

Chart upgrades-


7-inch Multi-window display-

Built-in Memory-

New Design-

Social Proof

I have scoured the internet and found some user review that seemed rather positive.

They are really satisfied with the device's capability and can't believe to get it in such a price.

We found that customers love the GPS and down imaging technology.The upgraded processor is very valuable particularly while using Navionics maps.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fish-Finder

There is no doubt that fishing is a popular activity across the world and technological advancement has much taken place in this industry. Fishfinders are a part of this advancement that offer anglers a lot of benefits.

This device can help you to find schools of fish, even around wrecks and any bottom structures where it is difficult to locate with naked eyes.

You should buy a fish finder if you want to enhance your catch. With the help of this device, you can see the bait schools, depth where the fish is feeding as well as target specific fish species.

Another good reason to use a fish finder is that it will show you the temperature. Temperature would mean a lot during the transitional seasons.

This determines whether you will have zero catch or a fantastic experience of fishing. Well, there are some factors that you need to consider before buying this gadget.

1- Fishing Location

The location of your fishing would be the first considered factor as you will need a fish finder that will suit your location.

Like, if you are planning to fish in ocean, then you will need a powerful fish finder.

This might be costlier but will receive and send signals deep in the water.

Standard fish finders, on the other hand, will work great in shallow waters like lakes as they do not possess strong signal.

2- Display

The display is another important consideration in fish finder where colored and bigger screens will be more visible than a small screen one.

You would have to get a display screen that provides clear presentation of details required for getting appropriate results.

They might be costly but will be worth purchasing.

3- Portability

You will be using the fish finder in various locations and as such, portability should a considerable factor.

Using portable finders will be preferable if you fish in shallow water.

However, powerful fish finders need not to be much portable as they function well in every location.

4- Ease of Use

You will need a device that you can use and interpret the readings easily while fishing.

Some fish finders can be complicated really and you might face problem in operating, reading and interpreting being a simpler angler.

Hence, you need to find and purchase a suitable fish finder on the basis of its operations, reliability and language.

5- Price

Investing a considerable amount in fish finder is recommended to enjoy the benefits of easy usage, clear readings, high quality and durability.

Quality fish finders are quite expensive but you will literally get rid of extra charges from maintenance and repairs after purchasing.


Let's have a look upon some of the Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp's competition:

Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp

Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp comes with a high resolution 5 inch color screen, Downscan Imaging and GPS mapping.

The Chirp Sonar technology makes the device much sensitive to locate fish while offering refined target resolution as well as noise rejection.

The Chirp Sonar technology even makes Elite 5 advantageous in marking clearly the fish at higher boat speeds just as Elite 7 Chirp.The Elite 5 has the pixel density of 480H X 480V whereas Elite 7 has 800H X 480V.

The Downscan Imaging offers detailed clear images that eliminate the problem of identification completely. 

Lowrance Hook 7

Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder is a unit of 9.26in X 3.0in X 5.95in with 7-inch color LED widescreen display.

This device is compatible with various Lowrance and Airmar transducer. It displays Downscan Steer, Chart Pages and vivid Sonar along with preset split-screen combination pages.

The device is compatible in different kind of fishing environment and the Surface Clarity setting reduces the receiver’s sensitivity close to the surface for reducing clutter from much surface detail.

Just like the Tracback function in Elite 7, this feature in Hook 7 allows to review the sonar history. However, this device is little bit costly than Elite 7.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 has a resolution of about 800 X 640.

This device was designed as an easier combination of fish finder and GPS device, making it perfect for novice and experienced anglers.

The device even comes up with Chirp and down vision technology that offer excellent images of underwater depths.

This fish finder has the ability to reach accurate up to 600 feet which is actually less than the ability of Lowrance Chirp series.

Moreover, this device cost more in comparison to Lowrance Elite 7 or Hook 7 or Elite 5. But the definition of photograph like images and fish finding ability of the unit might be superior to Elite 7.

Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp

Lowrance Hook 7

Raymarine Dragonfly 7

Screen Size

5 inches

7 inches

7 inches

Screen Resolution

480 x 480 pixel

480 x 800 pixel

800 x 640 pixel


256 color TFT

16-bit color, Full VGA SolarMax Plus TFT



2D, Down Imaging, DownScan Overlay

2D, Down Imaging

2D, Down Imaging

Transducer Type

Transom Mount/Trolling


Transom Mount/Trolling


Transom Mount/Trolling


Transmit Power

250W RMS, 30,000W Peak to Peak

Max 250W RMS, 30,000W Peak to Peak analog equivalent

500W RMS 4000W Peak to peak

Sonar Frequency

455/800 kHz Down Imaging50 kHz/83 kHz/200 kHz CHIRP

455/800 kHz Down Imaging,Low, Med, High (CHIRP),50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band)

200 kHz Sonar/350 kHz Down Vision

Maximum Depth

Down Imaging: 300

CHIRP High Range: 1000ft
CHIRP Med Range: 1000ft CHIRP Low Range: 3000 ft

Down Imaging: 300ft
CHIRP Sonar High Range/200 kHz: 1,000ft 
CHIRP Sonar Med Range/83 kHz: 1000ft 
CHIRP Sonar Low Range/50 kHz: 3,000 ft

600 ft in both DownVision and Sonar modes

GPS Antenna Type


Internal, high-sensitivity GPS+WAAS


Waypoint Storage









Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp fish finder is versatile enough to solve any issue related to fishing within the best price deal.

The 7-inch color display screen would be a suitable range for everyone right from kayak fishers, tins to bass boats and others to have a widescreen underwater view.

With upgraded Chirp sonar technology and other exclusive features of this device, just be ready to find out schools of fish till a depth of about 1000ft.

The built-in memory and GPS function will offer details about U.S maps with 3000 waypoints, rivers and lakes along with coastal contours.

You are definitely not going to get wrong with Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp but just have to ensure to get the device with an appropriate transducer for your purposive application.

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