Legal Fishing in Singapore: Awesome Places and What You Can Catch There

Fishing is not only fun, but one of the best recreational activities you can do over the weekend or during a holiday. Singapore has many legal places for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether you are in the island state for a vacation, business, or employment, fishing is an activity that you can enjoy with your family at any time. Among the many in Singapore, here is a list of the best.

Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond

If you visit this location, you will see couples and families fishing together. It is adjacent to Pasir Ris MRT station, and thus is easily accessible. The park itself is a beauty that you will definitely enjoy. It is legal to fish here, though they charge for the service. They allow the use of hooks for the big fish in the main pool. Prawning is also possible. The common fish available include snapper, Taiwan ngor, bass, and others.

Woodlands Jetty

If you have a passion for fishing barracudas, this is the perfect location to visit. Fishing is allowed only at the far end of the jetty but still gives enough room for everyone who wants to cast their hooks into the water for a catch. Families can hang out here and enjoy a wonderful afternoon fishing and enjoying the water and waves.

Punggol Point Jetty

Although it is small and crowded most of the time, it is a perfect legal location to go fishing if you have a passion for it. Seeing other people around you fishing is also a part of the experience. If you have just got a Singapore visa and are planning to live around the northeast of Singapore, this is a perfect place to visit. The common fish around this jetty are barramundi, grouper, and rabbit fish, among many others.

Changi Beach Park

This location is known to be a fishing spot for people who do not need to rub shoulders with other anglers. It is serene, quiet, and rarely crowded. You can fish late in the evening with your partner for more fun. While here, expect your catch to include goatee crocker, javelin grunter, and many other types of fish.

Bedok Reservoir

This fishing location is on the eastern part of Singapore. They have a restriction on the bait available for use as they do not want the quality of water compromised. Peacock bass and various types of catfish are the common catches you will come across. Due to being such a serene location, lone anglers can be seen here passing time or meditating as they throw in their hooks.

Jurong Lake

The fishing jetty is located at the far end of Jurong Lake. This makes it a preferable location for many people living around this area. Just like many other fishing locations in Singapore, it is highly controlled with only artificial bait allowed. As you enjoy fishing soon hock, bass, and some other types of fish, remember to keep the jetty and water as clean as possible. Otherwise, the authorities will take action against you.

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