How To Setup Fly Rod Like A Complete Professional

Are you trying to setup your fly rod, but can't get enough success?

Well, this post is all about how to setup fly rod, and we are going to demonstrate each and every process in details. Some people just purchase a fly rod and don't even change a single thing. 

But that sort of thing will take a toll on your fly rod. You must take care of it, hence, setting up a fly rod on your own is pretty important.

Below we are first going to list all the items you might need for this, and after that, we are going to list down the steps necessary for the setup. 

After going through all the steps given here, you will have the exact idea of setting up a fly rod.


Things You Will Need To Set Up A Fly Rod

Fishing Rod 

One of the essential things you need is a fly rod. Choosing the best fly rod for fishing is very important. 

  • Firstly you must choose a fly rod that is 9 feet long. This will give you enough advantage during fishing.
  • Now coming to the weight, 5 to 6 weight should be preferred while purchasing a fly rod. Lesser weight number means fishing smaller fishes and vice versa. So, choosing a medium weight fly rod is always the best pick.
fly fishing rod

Apart from the length and weight of the fly rod, one must also check the number of pieces it consists of.

Some fly rod is having 2 or 3 pieces, while some are 5 to 6 pieces. Pieces mean that it can be folded in pieces and it will be easier to carry.

So, if you are a backpacker, you can surely choose fly rods with 5 to 6 pieces. Some of the most common fly rods people choose are given below:

Fishing Reel

After buying a fly rod, you will need the fly reels. Fly reels are used for holding the fly line.

When you are dealing with small fishes, then the importance of fly reels are not so much. But with bigger fishes, you will have to get a good fly reel.

fly fishing reel

An idea fly reel should match the weight of the fly rod. So that it gives you enough room to back up.

The best fly reel that we appreciate is given below:

Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reels with Cork/Teflon Disc Drag System 7 8 wt...
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Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reels with Cork/Teflon Disc Drag System 7 8 wt...
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  • Click drag and silent retrieve.
  • Cork/Teflon disc drag system.

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Fishing Line

For fly fishing one of the most important things to consider is the fly line. There are various kinds of fly lines available ranging from Sinking, Floating, Sink-tip, etc. But for a starter, Weight forward fly line is recommended.

This is pretty easy to cast, and most of the weight is concentrated on the front part.

The most recommended fly line is given below:

Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with Welded Loop WF7wt...
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Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with Welded Loop WF7wt...
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  • The longer head and bigger diameter make it a dream to cast.
  • Braided core for lower memory for any weather conditions.

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Leader and Tippet

Tippet and Leader are used to straightening out the fly line. Fly line is connected with the fly and to make sure that it keeps straight while casting, leader and tippet are used.

To achieve this goal, leader and tippet have to be tapered together.

But if you are getting the opportunity to purchase already tapered leader and tippet, then that would be recommended.

It would save your time and you can directly use it as soon as you unwrap it. If you don't have any idea about the tapered leader, then I would suggest you go with 8-9 foot leader that is having 5X tippet.

I would personally recommend the below given tapered leader for fly fishing:

Rio: Powerflex Trout Leaders, 3 Pk, 9ft 5X
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Rio: Powerflex Trout Leaders, 3 Pk, 9ft 5X
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  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances using the latested technology and materials
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There are numerous dried flies available to help you fly fishing. The best way is to purchase packages that are having verities of flies packed in all together.

Now, we all know that fly fishing is incomplete without flies. So choose wisely for the best flies.

Below you can check out some of the best flies that we recommend:

Step By Step Guide To Setup Fly Rod

Step 1: Setting the Reel

First of all, you must decide which hand you are going to use to retrieve the spool.

setting the reel

If you use your right hand to cast, then left hand should be used to retrieve once the fish is hooked. So, it's important to set the reel properly.​

  • Now we must tie the backing on the spool. First of all, you need to take the tag end and tie it in the middle of the spool.
  • After that, the free end should be tied with tag end until they knot up together. Now fix the spool with the reel cage. Now make sure that the backing.
  • Now you can start spooling now, and it will tighten up nicely again the rod.

Step 2: Tying Backing On The Reel

Now when the knots are properly done in the first step, you will have to place the spool nicely with the backing in such a way that it can turn easily.

Now start spooling the backing with your hands. The spooling is done on the reel manually. But these days there are tools for that too.

Make sure that you are not spooling too much backing on the reel. Too much backing is only needed when you are going to catch bonefish or Salmon.

Step 3: Setting The Fly Fishing Line

Now that you have spooled the backing on the reel, you must spool the fly line too.

If you have the weight forward fly line as we suggested in this article, then you will easily find the free thick end of the line. Weight forward line gives you the ease to find the thicker end.

setting fishing line

Now comes the task of attaching the backing with the fly line. The best way to achieve this is through the Albright knot.

Albright knot is pretty easy to make. You can check out this video and learn more about Albright knot.

Step 4: Using the Leader and Tippet

Most people often face the confusion of using Leader and tippet, but its pretty easy.   

  • The leader is attached to the fly line and then tippet is attached to it.
  • The fly that you brought is attached to the tippet.

Once this has been done leader will make sure that during the cast the fly line is straight and goes to greater distance.


Now that you know everything about setting up a fly rod, you can do it yourself. In case you still have any confusion then you can contact us, and we would be glad to clarify the doubts.

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We have covered most of the details related to setting up a fly rod, and you can surely learn a lot from here.

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