How To Hold A Fishing Rod Effectively

Are you a beginner in fishing and so pondering how to hold a fishing rod correctly?

Well, holding a fishing rod perfectly would actually determine the success rate of your fishing. It would put an effect upon the casting ability greatly than what you could expect.

A slight or simple change in holding the fishing rod would hamper your presentation. But we won't let it happen.

To help you apprehend the right technique, we have come up with a list of how to hold a fishing rod effectively. If you are interested to know about it, then please continue reading.


Role And Importance Of Fishing Rod

A fishing rod could probably be claimed as the backbone of fishing tackle and the real extension of one's fishing arm. It is the material where the fishing reel and line are fastened.

importance of fishing rod

Fishing rod on the bank of the river on a background of blue sky.

Employing a perfect rod and holding it in a proper way along with using special fishing style, you would be able to boost your success rate of fishing.

A fishing rod would vary according to the type of fish species you would be catching and the place.​

  • The role of fishing rods is to take off the tension from the line. You would have to bend the rod partially while fighting any fish species to take off the tension but if the tension isn’t taken off; the line would break off.
  • Choosing a perfect rod would be very important while you plan for fishing. If a rod is not sufficiently stiff, then it would bend much. And if it bends much, it wouldn’t be able to handle more tension from the fishing line.
  • On the other hand, if you employ much heavier rod, it would not transfer the tension. This is because the fish won’t apply sufficient force and so, all the tension would be let down on the line. 

Either you would have to give the line or the fish.

Some Major Parts Of Fishing Rods

  • Butt Cap

It is present over or at the end of the maximum fishing rods. It is situated at the handle’s bottom, in the middle of the reel and the rod’s back end.

You would find butt caps to be made up of rubber, wood, aluminum or plastic.

  • Handle

This is the area where you would hold the rod. It typically comes up with either foam or cork and even in different lengths.

The length of the handle would probably be one of the aspects that you would have to consider while buying it.

  • Reel Seat

The reel seat is meant to keep the reel securely close to the handle on the fishing rod.

However, you would find that varieties of the mechanism are available for attaching the reel.

Some fishing rods would possess rings going over the reel foot while some others possess some hood mechanism screwing up or down on the reel foot for keeping it in the exact place.

  • Ferrule

It is the thing that joins two sections of fishing rods together if it breaks into two or more pieces.

Types of Fishing Rods

# Spinning Rods

The spinning rods possess the eyelet guides that run along the rod’s bottom hanging the reel below handle grip.

It is composed of a straight handle without any finger hook. The line guides start up largely and become small near the tip.

Spinning rods are frequently used for fishing in fresh water, but it could also be used for saltwater fishing.

# Fly Fishing Rods

These rods could be regarded as one of toughest rods available for fishing. These are long, flexible and thin rods made up of both bamboo and manmade materials.

Fly rods mostly consist of big diameter eyes that are spaced along the body to aid in controlling the movement of comparatively thicker fly lines.

# Casting Rods

A casting rod would consist of a handle which is slightly tipped down and a finger hook on the extremity.

This finger hook would help in wrapping the index finger while casting. A spin cast reel would set on the rod's top.

However, you would need to keep in mind that spin cast reel won't function properly with spin cast rod.

# Baitcast Rods

The eyelet guides run along the rod’s top in bait casting reels, and the reel would set on the upper part of the handle grip.

These rods come up with either a straight handle or pistol grip. Bait casting rods are stiffer compared to other types of fishing rod and are constructed from fiberglass or graphite with foam or cork handle.

# Saltwater Or Surf Rods

Saltwater or surf rods could be considered to be the longest rods used in fishing. These rods are bit heavy as well as construction.

The rods are long that help to cast bait and tackle.These fishing rods are made to combat bigger fishes and artificial or natural structure.

Step by Step Instructions How To Hold A Fishing Rod

Step 1: Wrap Your Fingers Around

Holding a fishing rod perfectly would be vital to get your catch efficiently and successfully.

Hence, at first, you would have to take a hand and enfold the fingers around the rod's handle with the help of thumb swathing around the side and then on other fingers.

The rod would be extending out the extremity, and the top would be inside your hand's palm.

Step 2: Place The Bottom Palm Around The Rod

You could get a good hold around the rod following the first step, but you can also follow this step of placing your hand’s bottom palm on the topmost part of your rod.

And then you would have to enfold your middle finger around your rod’s bottom towards the tip.

Step 3: Positioning Your Forefinger

At this step, you would have to position your forefinger in a perfect way to gain proper grip.

Basically, you would have rest your forefinger slightly on the topmost side of your rod, and the thumb will set in the position enfolding around the side.

Step 4: The Ultimate Grip

In the end, a V shape would be formed by the thumb and forefinger that lines up and point straightly along your fishing rod to its butt end.

And now with this, you would attain a golden grip on your fishing rod. You would then be able to carry on fishing in relax and cheerful mood.

Pro Tips

  • If you are holding the fishing rod and waiting either for a bite, you would have to make sure that your left hand is in front of the fishing reel always
  • Your hand would have to be in front of your regular fishing reel for guiding the line back correctly on the reel
  • When the hand will be behind your fishing reel, you would have to offer power by your wrist
  • While swinging on a fish and keeping the left hand in correct position, the hook set’s power would advance from shoulders, forearms as well as biceps.


Well, the information mentioned above was our list regarding how to hold a fishing rod.

We put forward the importance of a fishing rod along with its different kinds which are available in the market.

Your fishing rod will be the real backbone of your tackle and choosing the perfect type and holding it in perfect order will only ensure your success fishing rate.

We hope that our list of the ways to hold a fishing rod would now help you a lot in holding your fishing rod correctly. However, if you have any suggestion related to this, please let us know in the comments.

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