Important Tips To Know About How To Catch Speckled Trout

Are you planning to catch speckled trout? Well, when it's about fishing speckled trout, it's all about becoming smarter than your target. This fish species is smart enough to apprehend the fact that they are the prey and so it is necessary to know the effective techniques to catch this clever dupe.

Waders catch speckled trout either from the boats, piers or shores. Moreover, the techniques employed to catch this fish would vary in agreement with the kinds of anglers. To help you to know how to catch speckled trout successfully, we have brought a list of useful tips and techniques for you.

Following our recommendations, you could be the lucky angler to catch speckled fish in high numbers thereby experiencing a beautiful day. Keep on reading to know more about it.


Spawning Areas And Places To Catch Speckled Trout

The spawning season of speckled trout starts from May and lasts up to September. This is the time that these fishes stay active at a higher level to feed. The spawning action of the speckled trout probably pivots on currents, temperatures, and salinity of the water.

spawning speckled trout
  • This spawning time of speckled trout would give you the best opportunity to catch them especially the ones of trophy size.
  • These fishes could be found in the inshore water of Gulf of Mexico, coasts of Florida extending till Virginia.

The important habit that you would have to be informed is that speckled trout probably pass their whole life within the same place.

  • This means you would be able to enjoy fishing speckled trout in a particular location for prolonging years.

These fishes like to reside in the areas of low light.

  • Hence, if you search them in deeper holes that are close to their area of spawning or under local bridges' shades, you could easily find them.

Speckled trout has the tendency to hide under any obstacles or objects being snare predator. This is probably the reason that their preferred spots are downstream of a grass bed, docks, bridge, and points.

speckled trout creek

Moreover, their favorite areas of feeding are moving waters so you could try to fish them in flowing creeks, tidal currents, and wind currents.​

Things You Need The Most For Catching Speckled Bass

The beautiful and tasty speckled trout could be fierce fighters while trying to catch it with both live and artificial baits. The sources of food consist of mullet, squid, crabs and many other smaller baitfishes.

But out of all, the most liked food of speckled trout is shrimp.Below we have listed the most important things that you need for catching Speckled Bass.


Fishing Rod

If you want to catch speckled trout then there is nothing better than a rod that is having a medium weight and medium length too. Weight of 10 lbs and length of 7-9 ft is great for catching speckled trout.

If you are serious about fishing then here is fishing rod that is best for fishing speckled trout.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod


Fishing Reel

You can use spin cast reel for catching speckled trout. Spincast reel works perfectly with medium sized rod, and works pretty well with Monofilament line too.

There are many spincast reel available but the best ones are listed below.

Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel


Fishing Line

However, a monofilament line with fine diameter would be a great option if you want to catch speckled trout effectively. This is because it would offer good action to natural as well as artificial baits.

You could choose the KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line as it would work excellent.

KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line


Artificial Lures

Although minnows and live shrimps would catch abundant speckled trout, using proper artificial baits could also produce splendid results. You could form the bait using a lead head of 7 gm with any rubber body. Split-tailed grubs, curly tailed or paddled tailed could be very effectual if only it is made to behave or look like shrimps.

You could use several kinds of vibrant colors for the baits like white, chartreuse and dark green. However, you would have to use lures which can be cast quickly. And of all time would play a significant role in it.

Here are some artificial lures that can fulfil your needs.

Fishing Lure Set 180pcs Set Artificial Bait Lure Plastic Fishing


Live Baits

Speckled trout are smart predators that eat shrimps or other types of crustaceans while being small. Larger speckled trout feed usually on croakers, mullet, and menhaden. For catching a good amount of specks, live shrimps would be a great option to use.

To keep the shrimp fresh, insulated and aerated, you could use any ice chest. Check out these live baits that can help you a lot.

250ct Live Superworms, Feed Reptile, Birds, Fishing Best Bait

Pro Tips

  • Baits of hard body like MirrOlures would allure fierce strikes.
  • Baits of top water could be used with ‘walk-the-dog’ recoup.
  • White minnows and chartreuse are effectual for fly.
  • An amalgamation of fresh or live baits like shrimp, crab, finger mullet and mud minnows would produce better outcomes.

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Surf fishing will be a good option if you want to enjoy speckled trout fishing. However, while employing it, you would have to remember that these fishes are tight usually contra to the shore.

Step #1: Hold On By A Steel Thread

The first step in surf fishing would be to hold on by a steel thread. The end tackle would have to be the sturdiest point in the system you will use. This is because this tackle would only come in contact with your target fish and so have to be perfect.

You will have to use crimping sleeves now, then fasten a barrel swivel and a 9/0 hook to the wire leader length, on every end. Apart from this, you would also require a swap swivel for holding the sinker as well as a bead for preventing the swivel from thrashing the fishing knot.

fishing wire leader


After tying a knot to the barrel swivel and attaching a weight to snap swivel, you would be finally ready for the bait.

Step #2: Choosing The Right Bait

Now you would have to select the perfect bait that would allure your target speckled fish. Fresh or live bait would be obviously a good option if you want to be successful on your fishing trip.

You could wrap squid or shrimp over the hook covering it all but would have to ensure that you are allowing a portion of the bait to hang from it thereby giving the bait action in the water current.

  • This activity would provoke the fish for a bite that might not be hungry.
Berkley Gulp baits

Apart from live baits, artificial lures are quite successful in catching speckled trout. You can use plastic Minnow that can really attract the fishes. Make sure that you choose colorful ones.

Step #3: Casting The Bait

While surf fishing, you probably can’t send the cast very far. You could employ pendulum casting if you are fishing on a wide open beach or other water resources. 

  • 1. You would first have to stand perpendicular to the shore keeping the rod vertical almost.
  • 2. Now you will have to push up the right hand for forming out-swing of the sinker and see whether it touches the swing’s height.
  • 3. Then, after pushing the left hand down, form an in-swing. As soon as the sinker touches the in-swing height, the arms would have to be locked in that position.
  • 4. Staying collateral to the beach and maintaining the arm position, you would have to let out the line taking back the left hand.
enjoying surf fishing

 Once the bait has been put in the water, you could set the alarm of reel placing the rod in its holder and relax.

Step #4: Landing The Target

If you are having a lucky fishing day, then you would get your target caught within 30 minutes. When you would find that the rod has started to double over while the reel alarming to pick it up, you just lock the reel setting the hook. You would have to now pull the rod up with a stable and firm motion.

surf fishing

And finally your target speckled trout would be on the land fulfilling your dream.


Well, we hope that our suggested tips and techniques of fishing speckled trout would assist you a lot in catching good numbers of the game. These smart predators can easily fool anglers as they are very sensible of getting caught. In that case, our techniques above would help you to deal with these smarter trout effectively.

However, if you have any suggestion regarding this, please let us know about it in the comments section. We will be happy to apprehend it from you.

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