Secrets About How To Catch Snook

Are you planning to experience a great day by fishing Snook?

Snook could be claimed as the favorite fish species of maximum professional fishers. You would find the fish in various places at the distinctive time of a year.

Snook are known to migrate or move within a much smaller area. They are basically a challenging fish species of warm waters, so you would have to pay attention to several factors as well as skills to apprehend the basics of catching them.

To help you in it, we have come up with the list of how to catch Snook including much valuable information.


Best Places To Catch Snook

Snook are known to be the aggressive feeders that would hide at the back of things, waiting for the bait to come to the mouth.

best place to catch snook

They would be expanding their gills quickly and sup the water in the gullets when the bait comes, no matter whether dead or alive bait.

This means that you could find Snook close to the structures like bridges as the fish more likely would mate near it. However, it could even be in any structure on the beach like a trough.

  • The fish would move a little bit in the deep channel following a parallel line of more or less 10 to 30 feet from the surf’s edge. The fish would move deeper in the backwaters in the winter. Hence, you would find the fish under or close to big rocks.
  • You could even find them within mangrove islands or structures, near the banks and bottom of the rivers, as well as in the natural ridges of limestone exposed in the middle of deeper channels.
  • ​During the spring as well as summer, the beaches along with the passes would be good places to fish them.

What You Will Need

Fishing Rod and Reel

Spinning reel and rod combos could work great for any condition. If you fish with bigger live baits like under docks or near the shore above visible structures, then heavy equipment could be a proper choice.

These are some combo products that could work great for Snook:

Fishing Line

  • If you catch in open grass flat areas with slow current, then a braided line of 10 to 15lb with a leader of 30 to 40lb would work great.
  • On the other hand, in mangrove docks with average current, a braided line of 15 to 20lb with a leader of 40 to 50lb could be a good combo.
  • However, if you fish in faster moving current water areas with structures, then 30 to 40 lb braided line with a leader of 50 to 80lb would be perfect.

You could choose one of these products for catching Snook:


Soft lures of plastic like DOA Shrimp or Jerk Shads could be a good option just like the different kinds of top-water plugs like Heddon Super Spook.

The Snook would hit the Super Spook more in a low light condition like at dawn.

Fishing Baits

Most importantly, the type of bait would depend on the area of your fishing. Usually, shrimp, pilchards, pigfish, pinfish, mullet, ballyhoo or grunts could be good bait options for catching Snook.

However, it would be better to match the size of hook to the bait’s size. For example, baits like shrimp would need a smaller size hook in comparison to big size mullet.

Step-By-Step Instruction: How To Catch Snook

Step 1: Rigging The Spinning Rod

You would first have to rig your spinning rod incorporating 10 to 12-pound test. You could employ any heavier fishing line if you want.

But if you use a lightweight tackle, then the fight would become more exciting and fun.

Step 2: Employing The Weight On The Line

Now, you would have to weigh the fishing line by using either piece of split shot or barrel weight.

Well, you would have to employ split shot or barrel weight that is sufficiently heavy for the line as it would help in sinking to the bottom.

The Snook would be loitering in the lower part for the meal.

Step 3: Rigging The Line With Hook

You will be rigging the line with a hook of size 1 or 2 if you use live small bait like shrimp.

This would be bigger enough for holding the bait and hooking the Snook.

However, you would have to use little bit large hook if you are using baits like pinfish or finger mullet.

Step 4: Using A Lure

You could employ a lure like mirrours or red-tailed hawk jig if you use artificial bait in place of live ones.

However, local anglers could provide you the best information about the perfect lure that goes the best in that area.

Step 5: Catching The Game

Summer times would be the time when excursion of Snook could be very productive. You could look for the fish in structures like piers or inlets.

The fish could even hang in deeper water around rocks, boulders as well as depression in the sand.

  • After you find out a proper place, you would have to cast your bait and wait till your target becomes convinced enough to hit your bait.
  • As soon as you find any movement in your line, you would have to become ready to reel in. Carry out the process slowly, so the hook gets inserted in the fish’s mouth effortlessly.

Likewise, you would be finally ready to lift up your catch and bag it home.

Pro Tips on Jig for Walleyes Better

  • Spring could be the perfect time to catch Snook while the spring tides start generating much current and motion in the local water
  • You would have to be completely quiet while fishing Snook as they could hear well. Even the smallest sound could frighten these aggressive eaters
  • Squeezing good numbers of sardines and throwing them where they would be a great way to excite and make these predators hungry
  • During the summer, there could be no better place other than the beaches and passes to fish Snook
  • You would have to cast the bait at various angles till you get to know where the fish is
  • It would be better to wade in the water getting out of the boat as it would make noise
  • If you fish in open water area, you would have to keep the drag considerably loose. On the other hand, in tight water conditions, the drag would have to be tightened.


Maximum anglers are seen to fish for Snook more than other game fish, and to land, a Snook would be equivalent to catch largemouth bass, especially for freshwater anglers.

Attaining a perfect knowledge and choosing the right time are the two things that could make your Snook fishing more interesting and enjoyable.

The fish is even famous for its good taste. However, these aggressive and dominant predators could weight about 50 pounds and reach a length of 48 inches.

We hope that out list of how to catch Snook would help you to attain a good knowledge about this species. Well, if you have any advice about the article, do let us know in the comments.

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