Important Things To Know About Catching Bluefish

Are you thinking about catching bluefish? Well, catching a bluefish could be easy because this fish species is truculent feeders. They are known as snappers being young and could be the first hunted fish for young anglers.

Bluefish could be found almost everywhere in the world, particularly in virtually all coast of Atlantic Ocean. However, catching this fish could be a bigger challenge if you are employing lighter tackle.

This is because bluefish are very strong fighters and could even tolerate all range of water temperatures as well as salinity.

Hence, to help you catch such strong fighters successfully, we have brought up this list of how to catch bluefish. Our given tips and techniques could let you experience an outstanding fishing day. If you are interested, then just keep on reading.


Feeding Habits of Bluefish

Bluefish preferably feeds on a variety of small animals like small lobsters, shrimps, crabs, larval mollusks and larval fish. However, it could be said that they would eat everything.

feed habit fish

Adult bluefish looks for opportunities to eat, generally concentrating on schooling species like squid, menhaden, herring, sand eels, mackerel, butterfish and many others.

Bluefish pursue their prey actively in shallows inshore or tidal rips where they could quickly catch. They are popularly known to rush in their prey school and ultimately ravaging them.

Spawning Time and Areas of Bluefish

  • The spawning time of Bluefish probably starts from June and continues through August.
  • It primarily occurs offshore, on the continental shelf when the temperature of water warms to between 64 and 72 degrees.

 The larvae would move near the water surface after it gets hatched and various water currents wipe them along the continental shelf.

Things You'll Need

You could do bluefish fishing easily on shore or from a boat. Wire leaders would be an essential to catch this fish species successfully.

  • The sharp razor teeth of bluefish could easily cut even a fluorocarbon leader of 80lb.

Several kinds of plugs, mackerel or squid like lures, sand eel type jigs would be some great options while trolling or casting. The preferable live baits could be eels, mackerels or pogies.

However, cut baits would also serve the same purpose if live baits are not available.


Fishing Lines

You will need a line that will match your fishing rod, reel, and other conditions. Fish catchers use different line weights according to the place of fishing, size of fish and other water conditions.

However, monofilament, braided as well as gel spun lines would be ideal for such fishing.

You can look for these products for purchasing the best line.

1. Stren Catfish Monofilament Fishing Line


Fishing Reels

You will need a reel that will match the pole which you are using. However, a 3/0-4/0 standard reel could be a good option for bluefish.

Here are the products which you can opt for:

1. KastKing Sharky II Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel, Brass Gears, Stainless Steel Components


Fishing Lures

It would be unnecessary and even confusing to match the pursued small baits size. Commotion and noise completely draw this fish, and they attack out of compulsion.

In that case, a noisy surface plug of 5-7 inch could be very useful. The large size of the plug would not terrify these strong fighters so if they find your plug to be only half of their size, they won't hesitate for even once to attack it.

Popping plugs like surface cruisers and pencil could be very productive. However, you would have the practice and enough skills to attain a great presentation using these lures.

Here is recommended product:

1. Fishing Lures Baits Tackle, BEST BASS Fishing Lures Including Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits


Fishing Rod

If you want to enjoy the most to catch bluefish, then mid size rod with 8-9 ft length is really good. The fast action would sufficiently handle almost everything including a big sized bluefish. 

However, braided as well as gel spun lines combined with spinning rod would be ideal for such fishing. If you are confused between casting rod and spinning rod then this link will surely help you.

Slippery surfaces and thin diameter would permit great casting even with the smallest lure. If there is a lack of stretch, then it would transmit each shudder of the rod to the lure directly.

Likewise, an angler could be able to make some too tempting retrieves. Here are some products that could prove worthy for catching bluefish:

1. Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Pro Tips of Bluefish Fishing

  • Watching The Birds

The birds would be a great tool while going for bluefish fishing. There are several implications of every kind of bird's behavior like high flying, screaming, bee lining and other which could take you to your goal effectively.

bird fly fish

Like, high flying would indicate that the fishes are out of reach as they are under water. You would have to follow their behaviors or listen to their screams as whenever they see their bait on the top they could not control their excitement.

Hence, watching the birds could be a valuable indication and this could offer you a great day by catching your target in great amounts.

  • Patience

Anglers would have to resist their temptation much while bluefish fishing to hit back at the fish till it gets the plug. It might happen that the fish repeatedly strikes the plug but is not getting hooked.

Hence, you would have just to keep the patience and maintain a similar retrieve to hold the interest of the fish.

  • The Bite

The bite of bluefish is probably at its best during dusk and dawn or any other period whenever the light conditions are low. You could find them almost every time on docks, rock piles, grass lines or any other shallow water surfaces.

Moreover, a great moving tide could certainly refine their bite.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Catch Bluefish

Foamy water and leaping silver would indicate how much the bluefish is aggressive and strong. While catching bluefish, you would have to be very careful about handling it so as to keep the hands safe from their powerful biting.

Step 1: Fasten A Steel Leader To The Line

Bluefish would easily shear off fishing lines made of nylon with their sharp razor like teeth.

  • Keeping that in mind, you would have first to fix a wire leader made of steel to the line's end for protecting it.

Step 2: Wearing Of Gloves

glove fishing

Now, you would have to first wear the gloves for protecting your hands from the sharp teeth of bluefish. You would even be able to handle easily the wire leader as well as the fishing line without getting cut.

Step 3: Choosing The Bait Or Lure

At this stage, you would need to select the bait or lure to catch your target. Since bluefish are truculent eaters, they would probably feed on any dropping surface bait.

bluefish bait
  • Large, teardrop shaped lures could be a good option, but you would have to reel it immediately back to make them float on the surface.
  • If you don’t find a bluefish to break the surface, you could then use baits like mackerel, squid, mullet or any fishes of saltwater.

Step 4: Handling The Catch Quickly And Cautiously

If you fight with the hook, it could cause great exhaustion. To avoid it, you could bring the caught bluefish as fast as possible next to your boat. If it is possible you could leave the fish in the water while removing the hook.

remove hook fish

Now, when you finally lift the fish out of the water, you would first have to wet the gloves you are wearing and then lift the catch with both your hands bracing the head along with the tail's base. And your targeted fish would then be in front of you.


Well, we hope that our suggested tips and mentioned technique of how to catch bluefish would help you a lot to have a successful experience.

Bluefish might be very strong fighters possessing sharp teeth, but they could be easily caught as they are violent eaters. You just need to apprehend their behaviors and right techniques to catch them effectively.

Our list mentioned above has almost everything that would render lots of information about bluefish.

However, if you have any suggestions related to this, please let us know.

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