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5 Fishing Tips for Beginners

Whether we were 10 or 35 years old, most of us remember the feeling of catching our first fish. The wiggle of the first bite, followed by a persistent tug at the end of the line, all leading up to the thrill of pulling a fish out of the water, is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. To help you with your first catch, we’ve put together a list of some of the must-knows for your angling adventure.

Why You Will Love Fishing

While there’s no clear date of conception, we know that recreational fishing has been a practice for centuries. The earliest reference to the sport pops up in an essay from 1496, but recreational fishing, as done today, became extremely popular in the mid-1600s.

From saltwater to freshwater, fly to offshore fishing, there’s endless amounts of fun to be had in the world of angling. Recreational fishing is done in many ways, including with a net, spear, or hand gathering, but the most common way is with a hook and line.

Because fish are all over the world, it means you can fish all over the world, too. With the exception of some mountain lakes, you can find fish in almost any body of water. Popular freshwater species to target include crappie, bass, and salmon. Popular saltwater fish include redfish, flounder, and marlin. Be sure to check fishing regulations in your area before heading out.

Fishing Tips For Beginners

Here are some essential fishing tips to keep in mind if you are just starting out.

1/Fishing Gear Tips

The first step to fishing success is to acquire the right gear. This can be a daunting process, but with the help of these tips and your local sporting goods store, you’ll be all set for your first catch.

  • Splurge for Quality Products: Like many things in life, quality comes at a higher price tag. If you’re planning on making fishing a regular part of your recreational activities, it’s totally worth it to spend a little more on rods, reels, tackle gear, etc. that will last throughout the years. Always look for products that are made with durable, heavy-duty material.
  • Don’t Forget the Outerwear: Fishing is an outdoor activity and often involves slick, slippery surfaces. Prepare yourself for the weather conditions with a good pair of boots with lots of traction, a waterproof jacket, and a pair of waders, if you want to give fly fishing a go.
  • Ask an Expert: There’s only so much research you can do on your own. If you’re dead set on getting the perfect gear the first time, your best bet is to ask for personal recommendations from friends who fish regularly. Any sporting goods store employee can also guide you in the right direction; make sure you let them know you’re a beginner, so they can find the products that are best suited for your needs.
  • Consider Your Watercraft (or Lack Thereof): Among the long list of considerations to keep in mind when shopping for new gear, is to consider the importance of your potential angling circumstances. Will you be mainly fishing from a boat? A dock? A frozen lake? This will have an effect on the gear you choose.

2/Fishing Tackle Tips

The next step on your journey to fishing success is to look at your tackle box. Filling up your gear supply with the best products is important, but here are a couple of other considerations:

  • Choose the Right Line: There are several different styles of fishing line, each with qualities that make it an attractive pick, depending on your angling style. As a beginner, you may be steered towards a clear monofilament, a fairly inexpensive, flexible line. While it’s a good starting point for a novice, consider choosing a braided line instead. It’s super durable, strong, and sensitive.
  • Switch Out Your Hooks: Once you have a couple of fishing trips under your belt, you may notice that your hooks have begun to dull and they’re not as effective as they were right out of the package. Rather than trying to sharpen the same hooks over and over again, keep a stash of fresh ones that you can switch out easily. This will save you some much needed time and energy.
  • Stay Organized: Organization may feel like an unnecessary afterthought, but just wait until you’re in the middle of a lake and you can’t find the piece of gear you need in your mess of things. Invest in a compact, multi-compartment tackle box. This will help you sort your gear from most to least needed and keep everything in a handy, easy-to-find spot.
  • Maintain Your Line: Line that doesn’t get any maintenance can snap easily, which is super frustrating, especially if you have a fish at the end of it. Because the end of your line gets the most wear and tear from underwater structures, fish teeth, etc. Lenny Rudrow from Boat U.S. recommends cutting the last five feet off after a couple of trips to prevent a potential breakage.

3. Fishing Rod Tips 

Arguably, the most important part of your fishing gear is your rod. Without a rod, there’s little connection between you and your catch, so picking out the correct one is vital. Keep the following in mind:

  • Get a Spinning Rod: Spinning rods are the go-to choice for beginners because they are super easy in terms of usability and they’re very effective. This is the style of rod that will be best for targeting small to medium-sized fish in the range of five to seven pounds. They come in a variety of lengths, but a six-foot rod is the best style for a newbie.
  • Think Materials: Graphite, fiberglass, composite, oh my! There are many considerations to make when it comes to the material of your rod. Graphite is super sensitive but not as durable as other choices. Fiberglass and composite are both very durable, but not as sensitive. A fiberglass and graphite composite is usually a good bet, as it has the sensitivity, but won’t break under the pressure of a large catch.
  • Become Personal With Your Rod: There are many styles of rods on the market, but all will include the basic features, including guides, ferrules, reel seat, etc. Getting to know your rod and how to put it together and take it apart will get you one step further to success.
  • When in Doubt, Go for Trusted Brands: If you’re still not sure where to turn for your first rod, there are many companies that are well-loved within the angling community that consistently produce high-quality products that should be your first pick. Brands like UglyStick, Shimano, and Shakespeare shouldn’t let you down.

4. Fishing Reel Tips

After you’ve acquired the perfect rod, it’s time to think about your reel. Don’t underestimate the value of a reel, as it will have the most effects on your casting. Here are a couple of tips and tricks:

  • Try a Spinning Reel First: With a spinning rod, you’ll want to use a spinning reel. These reels are the perfect choice for novice anglers, as they can be both right or left-handed, and they’re easy to mount and set up on the bottom of a rod. These reels are the best choice for hunting smaller fish (what you’ll start out with as a beginner), and they handle small bait and lures really well.
  • Acquaint Yourself With the Drag system: The drag is an element of the reel that allows friction to be added to the line, allowing for a little less give in casting and reeling in, which is particularly useful in a fight with a large fish. Go for a rod with a disc drag system, as it provides the smoothest drag, and it’s easy to find. The drag system may not be something you play with on your first trip, but it’s important to learn how to use it for future angling endeavors.
  • Maintain Your Reel: Once you’ve purchased a reel, it’s important to provide it with the TLC it deserves. Doing a little maintenance every once in a while can have great effects on the longevity of the product. If you’re planning on fishing in saltwater, this is even more important. After every use, give it a good rinse with clean fresh water, and after a few uses, it’s worth it to take it apart and give a more thorough bath with a gentle soap. Follow up with some lubricant and you’ll be ready to go.

5. Fishing Lure Tips

Last but not least, don’t forget the bait! Lure fishing is the most popular among novices and experts alike. Give yourself the best chance at a catch by practicing the following tips:

  • Learn What the Fish Like: Don’t be afraid to purchase a couple of different lures for your first fishing trip. Ask your local sporting goods store employee about the fish in the area you’ll be searching for, and they’ll likely give you a couple of recommendations on the best lures to attract them. Great, versatile options include metal spoons, jigs, and crankbaits. Try out one for an hour and if you’re not getting any bites, switch it up!
  • Match Your Action to the Lure: Because lures are created to imitate a fish’s natural prey, it’s important that you mimic the swimming patterns of the prey you’re presenting. For example, with a football jig made to look like a crustacean, you’ll want to drag it along the bottom rather than wiggle it near the surface. Some fish are smarter than you think.
  • Try Out Live Bait: Don’t underestimate the power of a worm. Sometimes live bait does work best thanks to its natural scent and motion. If you choose to use live bait, just make sure to keep it in good shape before use. Fish are less likely to chase a half-dead bait.
  • Keep ‘em Clean: After use in saltwater or mucky freshwater, make sure you give all of your lures a good rinse to keep them in good shape. If you’ve used lures with hair, like bucktails or skirts, comb them out to prevent them from tangling-- they’ll be much less effective in the water if they’re tangled up because the hair can’t move as freely.

When Is Tthe Best Time To Go Fishing?

There’s no great answer to this question, as many hardcore anglers will go out any time of the day, any time of the year, and find themselves a couple of big fish. But for a beginner, generally, the best seasons to head out to the water will be during the late spring and early fall and summertime.

During the summer, the best time of day to go out is in the late evening or early morning, as fish will be feeding on the bugs and critters that are active. In spring and fall, dusk is your best bet.

If you dare to take the journey out into the winter weather for fishing, you can definitely still find fish, but it will be tougher. If you’re dead-set on starting in January, try out ice fishing! Many anglers love getting their toes cold at the chance of a massive catch on a frozen lake.


Now that you’re armed with some of the necessary knowledge for angling success, get out there! The fish are calling. Aside from acquiring gear, remember that confidence is key. That first cast might be a little scary, but put a little heart into it, and you’ll be just fine. Happy fishing! 

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Best Guide To Buying The Best Spinning Reel For The Money (2019)

If you happen to stumble upon this article, then you, my friend are looking for a dependable spinning reel but know nothing about it.

Buying the best spinning reel for the money that one spends is not an easy task, especially when there are different kinds of spinning reels available in the market today.

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What is Spinning Reel?

For starters, a spinning reel is used for fishing. It is a cylindrical device that is attached to a fishing rod and is used for line storing and winding.

The modern day fishing reels have fittings that help in casting for enhancing the accuracy and distance alongside line retrieving.

Since there is a wide variety of fishing reels available these days. This device is very helpful for catching fishes, and one of the most widely used devices in fishing.

If you chose the wrong reel, then things can go very wrong for you. Hence, the importance of reels in fishing is quite vital.

what is fishing reel

Features of a Spinning Reel

People, who like to turn their fish over other fishing methods, know who vital the right kind of spinning reel can be. Thus, we bring some features that spinning reel should be having. Read on, and you can thank us later.

features of a spinning reel

Choosing the most suitable spinning reel for oneself becomes a cumbersome thing when one is clueless about the brands and features to take into consideration.

These features mentioned here are imperative, and one can surely get their hands on the best if these points are considered carefully.

Construction of the Body

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a spinning reel is the body structure of the coil. The materials used for making the reel are a vital indicator of the reel’s quality.

The majority of the spinning reels are carved out of graphite or aluminum these days. Graphite is lighter while aluminum is more durable than graphite.

construction of the body

There is less amount of wrist fatigue with lighter reels while durable reels are for all kinds of fishing situations apart from being affordable.

Thus, it depends on the individual’s preference and needs about which material is spinning reel to opt for.

Ball Bearings

A smooth operating drag system and a smooth reel action are the courtesy to the number of ball bearings a spinning reel has. The more the number of ball bearings a reel has the smoother reel action one gets.

However, one also ends up paying more for increased number of ball bearings. The key is to weigh the options carefully and opt for the reel which has the sufficient number of ball bearings as per one's needs and requirements.

Added Features

The more the features, the more costly the spinning reel for the money one is to spend on it.

Rae drag systems are not dependable and robust when compared to the front drag systems.

When it comes to internals, precisely for the saltwater fishing conditions, brass internals is more durable and stable when compared to other internals.

However, the brass internals also cost more. Thus, people should keep the fact mentioned above in mind.


Last but not the least; pricing is most often the deal breaker for almost everything that money can buy.

While buying the spinning reel, pricing of the reel should be considered carefully before finalizing a spinning reel.

Pricing often limits the number of features one wants to have in a spinning reel. Thus, one should do a comparative analysis of the shortlisted spinning reels for getting the most value out of the money spent.

Tips for Spinning Reel for a Successful Average Angler

More often people are seen using spinning reels that are way too large for the fish they want to catch. This, in turn, costs the average angler fish and bites.

Thus, some tips for making the most out of this article and it will surely help you in getting the desired spinning reel.

The tips are as follows. Make sure to follow the tips correctly. Otherwise, you might end up buying something that you don't like.

All the spinning reel comes with the packaging that gives details about its weight that is heavy, medium, light or ultra light. Thus, people would want the weight the spinning reel to be relevant to the weight of the fishing rod.

  • Spinning Reel Matches the Fishing Rod

Also, people should avoid buying the reels and rods together because the combination packages are made out cheap materials.

  • Proper Maintenance of the Spinning Reel

No matter how much money you have invested in purchasing the reel but if one fails to maintain the reel properly then the entire reel can go wasted.

One should always keep the reel clean and grease it regularly as this will help it last longer.

One can easily find lots of guide on ‘how to clean and oil a spinning reel’ online.

  • Some Ball Bearings

Majority of the people are unaware of the fact the number of ball bearings a spinning reel has, the less work it will have in the crank. However, the number of ball bearings a spinning reel is to have is all about one’s fishing preference.

How To Select A Spinning Fishing Reel

If you happen to stumble upon this article, then you, my friend are looking for a dependable spinning reel but know nothing about it.

Buying the best spinning reel for the money that one spends is not an easy task, especially when there are different kinds of spinning reels available in the market today.

Our Top 5 Picks

The aforementioned spinning reel is made from superior quality materials which make it strong, sturdy and robust. 

The Okuma Trio Standard Speed Spinning Reel is tested for being quality efficient and reliable during varied kinds of fishing experiences.

The aforementioned fishing reel is preferred by professional fishers from all over the world. The reel features a multi-disc as well as drag washers that come with Japanese oils.

The reel also incorporates the Dual Force Drag System along with a Hydro Block water drag seal which is pretty tight.


  • The reel packs in 9BB+1RB ball bearings made entirely out of stainless steel which makes the handling of the reel very smooth.
  • The reel is corrosion resistant and has top density gearing along with being incorporated with plastic materials for making the entire fishing experience enjoyable. The reel is very lightweight to use.
  • The reel is available in the variety of options which one can choose from.
  • The reel is effortless to use.


  • The reel makes little sounds when compared to other reels of the same caliber.
  • The rotor of the reel is not well connected with the rest of the body.

The spinning mentioned above reel is the perfect choice for people who like to fish in both freshwater and saltwater bodies.

One can buy the Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel Metal Spool in a variety of series options depending upon one’s needs and requirements.

The aforementioned fishing reel is preferred by professional fishers from all over the world. The reel features a multi-disc as well as drag washers that come with Japanese oils.

The reel also incorporates the Dual Force Drag System along with a Hydro Block water drag seal which is pretty tight.


  • The reel is very durable and easy to use because of its apt dimensions.
  • The reel is made out entirely out of corrosion free material which makes it perfect for all kinds of fishing sprees.
  • The reel has highly robust construction and design alongside incorporating the lightweight aluminum.
  • The reel is very smooth and gets 100 years of the line an easy feat to achieve.


  • The reel does not justify the value for money.
  • The reel is heavy to handle.
  • The reel cannot be used for catching heavy fish like redfish etc.

The aforementioned spinning reel is in the category of the spinning reel because it offers innovation, precision, versatility and power, all rolled into one.

The Kast King Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Fishing Reel was developed after years of consistent efforts in the technology innovation.

The aforementioned spinning reel is a distinct item that blends the classic rear and front drag with high-end technology and carbon fiber drag.

The reel also boasts of 10+1 smooth ball bearings that are corrosion resistant in nature.

It focuses on gears that are matched with precision as well as has a 5.2:1 powerful gear ratio.


  • It has machined aluminum direct drive interchangeable handle for matching the fishing pole or rod.
  • It makes for the aptest spinning Baitfeeder reel fishing tackle and open face combination.
  • It can drag up to 33 LB and packs in carbon fiber drag washers for giving the smoothest fishing drag.
  • The reel is smooth and long lasting because it is the double shielded feature.


  • The handle shaft of the reel is prone to bending.
  • One needs extra lube for on the reel for fishing in the saltwater for preventing corrosion.

The spinning as mentioned earlier reel is in the category of the top spinning reel in the market currently. The reel comes with two-speed precision features. 

It also offers low gear ratio. This is a unique combination to find in one fishing reel. One can select any gear ratio with ease.

The most vital advantage of the Kast King Triton Dualis Revolutionary Spinning Reel is that it can be used in different fishing conditions and with different techniques. The reel features a low-speed gear ratio with several torque covers.

The reel can also be used for making larger baits and pulling in bigger fishes. The reel also boasts of 10 ball bearings made out of stainless steel.


  • The reel’s top speed gear ratio is apt for burning lures from all over the water body at high speed along with turning the fish away from the cover at a rapid pace.
  • The reel’s gear ratio can be changed during retrieval.
  • The reel is ideal for both canoe fishing as well as kayak fishing.
  • It comes in varied sizes.


  • The reel is hefty to handle.
  • The reel is enormous which makes it difficult to manage.

The Kast King Kodiak Saltwater Spinning Reel is among the list of best ones because it exudes power along with being smooth, reliable and awesome as well as a perfect companion for the saltwater trips.

The aforementioned spinning reel is pretty solid because of the body carved out of superior quality zero-flex aluminum. The rotor and spool are also made of aluminum.

The reel uses enhanced stainless steel main shaft, carbon fiber drag system which can drag up to 18 kg of huge power for fighting the biggest saltwater trophy fishes.


  • The reel features high quality 10+1 shielded ball bearings made entirely from stainless steel.
  • The spinning reel functions very smoothly.
  • The reel comes with a new and exclusive designed rotor and spool made of aluminum that prevents sand and water from getting inside the reel.
  • The reel is very light yet strong and sturdy at the same time, which makes it perfect for a saltwater trough.


  • The bail of the reel can be difficult to manage at times.
  • The reel is overpriced as far as the quality is concerned.

Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Spinning Reel For The Money 2017


Best Overall

2nd Choice

3rd Choice

4th Choice

5th Choice

Top-Rated Spinning Reel For The Money 2017






from $42.98
from $60.95
from $36.98
from $69.98

Get Started


Thus, after going through the top above five best spinning reel, people might still be confused about which fishing reel to buy. The clear winner is Kast King Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Fishing Reel.

This is because it is the best reel one can own keeping the features offered and the price tag.

It comes in different sizes and is innovative, precision oriented, powerful, lightweight, sleek design and versatile. It also packs in smooth ball bearings and is durable in ntndnhan296-20ature.

In short, the Kast King Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Fishing Reel offers the best value for money.

So, if you are into fishing and if you want something good for yourself, this is the clear winner.

Do let us know in comments if the article has helped you.