Can You Eat Ladyfish? Investigating The Truth

Being a native of a coastal region, you must have had the opportunity of tasting a variety of fishes. You might have even tried your hands in catching one with your peer anglers. But have you ever stumbled upon a ladyfish?

Occurring throughout the subtropical and tropical regions, a ladyfish is a coastal-dwelling creature occasionally found venturing into the temperate waters.


eat ladyfish

How have you used a catch of ladyfish by now?

Probably to find a bigger meaty treat. But has the thought of eating it ever passed your memoir? And can you eat ladyfish in the first place? What if that’s all you have?

The Dilemma Unearthed

rod and ladyfish

The other day I went camping with my family. Oh, what a pretty day it was! We had a campfire at night, explored the woods in the evening, and went fishing the next morning. But what we had a catch in an ample amount was the ladyfish.

It was time for a meal and the hubbub running in my mind was that could you eat ladyfish? Since my childhood, I have heard many anglers saying never pick a ladyfish for a meal.

It tastes yucky, mushy, oily, and there are so many bones inside to make it difficult to be cooked.

But coming to the ground reality….that’s the only thing we were left to eat. The choice was difficult and alternative was none.

This made me explore the web and come up with such observations that I am sharing with you so that next time you get stuck with a bucket of ladyfish, you know what's the next move to step on.

The Mystery Revealed

As I hit the web searching for answers about whether to eat the ladyfish or not; although I got mixed reviews, I was surprised to see that many fish lovers have already experimented with and tasted ladyfish.

recipes ladyfish

In fact, the web was all the more flooded with recipes and experiences coming from distant corners of the world. Some people loved to eat them as fishcakes; others preferred them cleaned and fried with flour.

Some people even claimed that they simply love to dig their teeth into the juices of the meat of the ladyfish.

Tempted as well as charged by my new findings I decided to give it a try and searched for a recipe that I can probably cook with ease, and that tastes delicious as well.

You will feel skeptical to see the numerous videos showing how to clean and prepare a ladyfish for cooking, available on the web. 

How To Clean Ladyfish

How To Prepare Ladyfish

To add to that, you may also find videos showing how to fry a ladyfish. If it's your lucky day, you may stumble upon resources dictating step by step recipes that look so tempting that you can hardly resist trying them.

Resources Dictating Step by Step Recipes

Hitting The Target

As I continued with my preparation for cooking, I came to understand why ladyfish is not preferred for a meal by many. The problem is not in the taste but the process of preparation and the amount of available meat after long tedious hours in the kitchen.

A ladyfish is a slender creature with numerous bones and very little flesh.

So if you decide to eat this fish and don’t want a bony spine prick down your throat, you need to be very careful while cleaning the fish specifically when dealing with its bones.

However, you will get assistance from methods available on the web to process the fish to make its bones a little tender so that they can be eaten easily.

On the contrary to other fishes, you will have to scrape off whatever little meat is available in this fish after leaving its bone and skin.

Once you are done with cleaning and preparation process, you can put your fish to fire or heat to prepare your tasty delight.

scrape off meat ladyfish

So I hereby give my consent on the basis of evidence, experiment, and experience that you can eat a ladyfish if you desire. And it tastes fine as well. The only tricky part being the process of cleaning and preparing if you desire to eat the fish as a whole.

On the contrary, you can just leave the bone and eat the meat. It will taste equally good.

Concluding Words of Wisdom

So what's your answer now to the question of whether you can eat a ladyfish or not? Well, the answer is yes. But be extra careful with the bones.

Try removing as much of the bones as you can with the best fillet knife before you use a ladyfish for cooking a meal.

Once you take extra precaution in cooking a ladyfish, its taste may significantly delight you. So next time you feel tempted to know about how a ladyfish tastes.

Get your cooking utensils and give it a try. Nothing else can be better evidence than experimentation.

If you have already experimented with and tasted a ladyfish, share your views and recipes in the comments. Don't forget to share this article with your peers and let their doubts be resolved as well.

And if you still have some doubts creeping up your mind, here are a few resources to support the facts presented in this article:

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