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If you are searching for the best spincast reel but can't decide how to choose the suitable one, then this might be the correct place for you.

After determining several facts or things, we have picked up the top five ones. If you are eager to know more, then keep on reading.

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Types Of Reels

Fishing reels are the mechanical equipment that is fixed on the fishing rod’s end of the handle, around which length of the fishing line is wound for storage. Reels help in casting the lure or bait at long distances and reeled in the caught fish.

Fishing reels also help to recover the lures correctly and to fish in deep waters along with catching bigger fish easily. It is one of the important elements of fishing. However, reels come in two types; one is spinning reels, and the other is fly reels.

Fly reels are used for fly fishing, and this fishing is a completely distinctive art. Coming on spinning category, it is further divided into three types.


The reel that is probably the toughest to handle is baitcasting, due to the turning of the spool while casting. If you are using this type of reel, you would have to keep the spool under control. Otherwise, it might transform into a dirty line nest.

baitcasting reel

The reel performs brilliant with heavy lures and lines and is also regarded as accurate. Experienced fishermen probably use this reel as it takes time to master the cast.


The spinning reel is the most famous reel. It consists of the design of open faced. These reels are easy to use as compared to bait casting reel.

spinning reel

Spinning reels also offer more accuracy compared to spincast reels. Overall, it can be said to be a versatile one. The capacity to hold the line is great, and one can purchase it with an additional spool.

The additional spool will make it easy to alter the line on the water. However, it might not work well when the requirement of heavy lines comes.


Spincast reel has a close faced design. It has a nose cone where all the crucial parts are inserted. The line will come out from a small hole in the cover.

These reels can be used in the easiest way. Hence, there are many outfits that are designed even for the children. If you use this reel, you would have to press the back button of the reel while casting forward.

Advantages of Spincast Reel

  • The first advantage of using a spincast reel is that it is very cheap. Hence, if it breaks suddenly accidentally or by children, it will not be a big matter.
  • The next benefit is that using techniques of this reel can be learned easily.
  • Spincast reel can both be left handed and right handed. Some of them even possess handle, and you will be able to move them to any side.
  • One of the best things about a premium quality spincast reel is their excellent durability.
  • ​These reels can control the lightest fishing line and would be perfect for ultra light fishing of two or four pounds.

Disadvantages of Spincast Reel

  • Spincast reels might not work well for heavy fishing lines as well as catching stronger fish.
  • The system of drag used in this type of reel is even not much good compared to what other types have.
  • If you fish using this reel, you might face difficulty in keeping the line tightly on the spool. They even become stuffed by loose or twisted lines. In that case, you would have to take off the cover to correct it.

How To Use Spincast Reel

Spincast reels are the best way to influence the younger as well as the uninitiated ones to fishing. It's just the next leap from the customary string and pole method of the fishery.

Beginners come to fishing using these reels as it doesn't have the issues of the customary method.

Since the spincast reel comes in a closed design; it doesn't have the problems like the entangled line.

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When the bait reaches the depth in the water where you want to fish, the handle of the reel has to be turned. This will start the mechanism of the line holding and spooling process of the line.

You just have to wind more and more to take up more and more line.

Top Five Picks


Omega illustrates the superior standard in the case of spincast technology. It is the first spincast reel that has seven bearings. This spincast reel has been designed like cozy ergonomic which is just unique.

The bearings are of stainless steel, and the reel offers anti-reverse continuous action. It consists of the spool quick change system along with levelwind oscillating spool. The other features include ultra smooth gear drive, line pickup of 3X positive along with multi-disc Triple-cam drag.

This Omega spincast reel has been provided aluminum diecast body together with aluminum aircraft-grade covers. It has a sealed thumb button of soft-touch rubber and line capacity of 85 yards.


  • The drag is simple to operate
  • The oscillating spool and quick-spool-change-out system is excellent
  • Casting is superb
  • Easy to change the spool
  • Retrieve is very smooth


  • A bit heavy as all the parts of this spincast reel is of metal
  • Little bit costly.


Omega ZO2 spincast reel is very durable and is constructed with metal. This spincast reel is smooth to operate. It has the system of 3X positive pick up line system and level wind spool oscillating system.

This spincast reel has a spare quick-change spool and comes with aluminum die cast body. It has aluminum aircraft covers along with multi-disk triple cam drag. The reel possesses reversible power crank handle and soft-touch thumb sealed rubber button.

The reel has the feature of Auto bait alert. I like this feature because it signals at the time of reel by making a sound. The function of Continuous Anti-Reverse is also important because it helps the reel to unwind immediately as the fish gets on the line.

The high gear ratio of 3:4:1 has improved more due to the triple cam drag system.​


  • Well constructed of solid metal
  • It casts quite well
  • Great reel for light to medium duty freshwater fishing
  • It is smooth and reels easily
  • Extremely smooth retrieves
  • Easy to reload new spool


  • The gear ratio could have been a little more.


Zebco Prostaff spincast reel is large and made tough. It has the drag system of a dual cam. This spincast reel has ball bearing drive.

The reel is the made up of metal and can be pre-spooled with monofilament of 25 pounds. It has the gear ratio of 3:0:1 and 20 lbs of line capacity up to 100 yards.


  • The gear box doesn’t fall out while the front cover is off
  • Very smooth even with a fish on
  • No tangles, no bail to contend with
  • The drag adjustment is very precise.


  • The quality can be much better
  • The construction could be better
  • The gear drive assembly is made of cheap formed metal.


The Zebco Omega 2 pro fishing spincast reel is of light weight. This spincast reel performs highly. It is also 20% lighter compared to the Omega ZO3 Pro.

The reel is designed for fishing light tackle and pre-spooled with 6 pound Cajun Red line of 85 yards. It has seven bearings of ultra-smooth stainless steel along with the Anti-reverse continuous clutch.

It features 3X positive pick up along with Ceramic pins. The gear ratio of this reel is 3:4:1. The other features include aluminum caps of double-anodized aircraft, drive gear of T-7075 with worm drive along with a spinner head of aluminum.


  • It has smooth easy casting
  • Long accurate distance
  • Great for sand bass and small striper fishing and so easy to use
  • The drag works as well as any real this style
  • The quick change spool is a great feature, and the spare spool is a nice touch.


  • The smoothness of the reel can be much better
  • The Level-Wind Oscillating Spool System isn't level winding
  • The fit of components is pretty sloppy
  • The drag wheel is poorly located, and drag action isn't very reliable.


Daiwa Gold cast spincast reel is constructed of metal which is very durable. It has the oscillating spool that provides a precise winding level. This spincast reel has the smoothest drag.

The reel has the ball drive bearing along with a rotating line pickup of tungsten carbide. It consists of the rough gearing, nose cone and metal body. I like the feature of advanced line aperture as it helps to cast maximum.

The drag system is multi-disc and ultra smooth. The gear ratio of this gold cast spincast reel is 4:1:2 and weighs 12.0 ounce.


  • It is heavily built like tanks
  • Casts well as a spincast can do
  • Large aperture is a great deal
  • The spool oscillates decreasing digs of line
  • It can stand up to toughest pound for pound freshwater fishes
  • The reel is well made of durable materials


  • Little fussy about how much lines spooled in.


After determining and considering the good and bad features of these five spincast reel, for me Zebco Omega Spincast ZO2 reel is the winner. This is because the metal construction is very durable and easy to operate.

  • It has the unique features like auto bait alert, continuous anti-reverse function and  a quick change spool
  • It is easy to cast and also retrieves smoothly
  • The 3X positive pick up line system and level wind spool oscillating system also have raised it in level.
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