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If you are searching for the best fishing kayak under 1000, then it might be difficult. This is because you would find various kinds of kayaks available in the market when Kayaking is more than only a sport.

Along with Kayaks, it would be a good idea to wear waders and other under waders clothes. This will save you a lot of time and effort too.

To help you choose the right one, we have brought this list of the best inflatable kayak along with some other considerations.

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Different Types of Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks would be available in various color, size, and shape. The one you need would depend on your particular use and location of paddling. You would get a wide number of options to suit your requirements.

Generally, inflatable kayaks are of five types, and these are as follows:

  • Sit-in Kayaks

This is a traditional kind of kayak where the lower body would sit in the cockpit of the boat. It would even have high walls and fits tightly. However, it would not be as comfortable as the sit-on-top types.

Such kind of kayak would be better to paddle in the choppy and white water.

  • Sit-On-Top kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks will be the most comfortable model if you want to paddle on calmer water. You would find the cockpit to be a little bit raised and it will offer you more space for moving. As a result, you could easily get in and out of this kayak.

  • Canoe Types

Normally, Canoe-kayak would be flat in the middle, having high walls and enough space for moving smoothly within it. These are basically two people or 3 person inflatable kayaks where you would be able to carry all the required equipment.

This would be the one which you could use for fishing.

  • Self-bailing Kayaks

These are the cheap kayak models which you would find common in all stores nowadays. Self-bailing kayaks are the cheap ones that are designed using low-quality elements and possess potholes in its base. The pot holes let the water to pass safely in out the boat, thereby preventing flooding.

This kayak would be better for having fun in shallow waters. But they would not be a good choice for sea kayak or ocean adventures.

  • Stand-up Kayaks

Stand-up kayaks are the latest forms of kayaks that you would find to be rigid. These kayaks are too rigid to let the rider stand up during paddling. Stand-up kayaks will be good options if you want to use it for relaxing paddling.

However, you could find many people to employ these for racing as well as downriver rafting.

Things to Consider


The way in which you are planning to use kayak would be a major factor considered along with the size. You could use it for sea kayaking, fishing or whitewater paddling.

You might even look for a double or single kayak. All these things would determine which type of kayak you require exactly.

Hence, you would have to sort out your requirement list and then look for the right one.


Weight will be a vital consideration if you plan to hike into the wilderness with the kayak. The lightweight models would weigh about 17 pounds. However, the average weight of a completely deflated kayak is known to be about 30 lbs.


Inflatable kayaks are known to be made up of three kinds of materials, and they are PVC, Hypalon, and nitrylon. PVC is basically employed as a coating on nylon or polyester for increasing tear resistance and strength.

They would be durable, cheaper, easily patched and available in various colors. However, PVC wouldn’t be much resistant to high temperature and chemicals. Hypalon could be a good choice that is known to resist ultraviolet rays as well as other environmental aspects better than others.

But, the material would be very costly. Nitrylon would be a more environment-friendly material than PVC. It would even be more puncture resistant and stronger than PVC. However, the material would be heavier.


Maximum models of kayaks would not be longer than fourteen feet. This is because the boat would otherwise become much unstable. The best quality inflatable kayak could even quickly flip over.

Hence, the length would be necessary to consider while purchasing.


You would have first to determine the quantity of gear you have a plan to carry. If you take many things, then canoe-type kayaks could be a better option, specially if you use it by own.


One of the most significant factors to be considered while purchasing inflatable kayak would be the budget. You would have ample options of different kayak models of all size and color out in the market.

You could get an inflatable kayak for about 80 bucks, but a decent quality model would cost about $200 and $600.

Our Top 5 Picks

​Intex Challenger K1 is constructed with welded material that makes it durable. This kayak comes up with attractive graphics that is known to offer additional safety on slow moving river or lake. You would get a cockpit with sufficient space and is extremely comfortable.

Moreover, Intex Challenger K1 features inflatable l-beam floors which offer stability. You would find cargo net along with grabbing lines on both the ends of this kayak.

The net would help in storing added gear. Intex Challenger K1 features inflatable seat along with backrest. It even would have repair patch, aluminum oar of 84inch as well as a Hi-output manual hand pump.

The kayak is about 30 x 15 x 108 inches and known to weigh about 27.2 pounds with a maximum capacity of about 220 lbs.


  • The quality of the product is excellent
  • It is very sturdy and makes one feel safe
  • The kayak is stable in water and is comfortable to sit in it
  • It is very light and can be quickly inflated.


  • The kayak could be quite a bit tight for leg room
  • It might require more paddling due to its lightweight

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak comes in the bright green color along with sporty graphics, and this will make it visible under water. Its streamlined design would make it easy for paddling.

The kayak features two aluminum paddles of 86 inch and Intex high output pump for easier deflation and inflation. The kayak is constructed of rugged Super Tough Vinyl of the company. The cockpit would offer you extreme comfort as well as space.

Intex Challenger K2 is known to be UV resistance and very durable. Moreover, the craft is known to be approved by US Coast Guard. This kayak would be able to accommodate two persons.

It features cargo net for keeping materials and grid lines on both the ends to carry it easily.


  • The kayak is extremely durable
  • It is a great product for great price
  • The kayak is quite big in size
  • It could hold air very well
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate


  • It might not be as easy to maneuver or as stable as an actual kayak.

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable kayak would be completely a different kayak while compared to any other inflatable kayaks.

This kayak is known to be very versatile, tough and useful. It features two paddles of 7’10”, two deluxe inflatable seats, carry bag as well as a repair kit.

The kayak could accommodate as much as three persons, bearing weight capacity of 650 pounds. Moreover, you would find two carry handles, 5-deluxe one way valves, self-bailing drain valve and two skegs for better speed and tracking.

Sea Eagle 370 consists of the PolyKrylar hull that would help in riding Class 3 rapids.Interestingly, the entire package would not weigh more than 35 pounds.


  • This kayak is a heavy duty material
  • It could be inflatable very nicely
  • It is easy, and fast to set up
  • The seats are good.


  • The kayak might not be as light as it claims

Intex Explorer K2 comes up with streamlined design to make it easy to paddle. It is available in bright yellow color along with a sporty design that would make it much visible in the water.

This kayak would be a great option to experience mild rivers and lakes accompanied by a friend. Kayaks of Sports Series would be appropriate for maximum two persons.

The kayak would be compact and lightweight as constructed using rugged vinyl. It even features an inflatable l-beam floor that would assure rigidity and comfort.T his kayak has a detachable skeg that would offer direction stability.

It features a Boston valve on both sides for fast inflating and deflating. The grab line and handle at both the ends will make it convenient to use.

Intex Explorer K2 features aluminum oars of 86 inch as well as Intex high output pump for easier inflation and deflation.


  • The kayak is convenient and constructed well
  • The process of inflation and deflation is very easy
  • The no-frills paddles work well
  • The pump is of decent quality
  • The seats could be easily unclipped.


  • The rudder could be little bit difficult to remove
  • Three of the valves are of the same pattern, so you would have to hold them to inflate and deflate those places.

Advanced Elements inflatable kayak is about fifteen foot, and it could be paddled tandem or solo. It has double or single deck options that can be converted in tandem or solo kayak.

This kayak is of three layers that would make it durable.The new design of Advanced Elements kayak consists of a strong frame and rigid bow.

Moreover, it comes up the duffel bag, repair kit, two folding seats along with owner’s manual. The kayak would have integrated pressure relief valve in its floor.

The handles are molded low profile rubber. The weight would be about 56 pounds, with a length of 15 inches and capacity of about 550 pounds.


  • The kayak is good looking and tracks even well
  • It can be easily transported and quickly set up
  • This kayak is very comfortable and easy to use


  • The weight of the kayak might seem to be pretty high
  • The handles are not big enough to offer sufficient length for hanging around shoulders

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​Well, this was our list of the best inflatable kayak. We have selected these five products out of wide options after analyzing and going through its reviews.

All of these products are good in their own place, but out all, Intex Challenger K2 kayak could be the best one. This is because this kayak is constructed great with rugged Super Tough Vinyl, possesses sufficient place of movement and storage as well as comes in reasonable budget.

However, the runner-up could be Sea Eagle SE370k_P Inflatable Kayak followed by Intex Challenger K1 kayak, Intex Explorer K2 kayak and Advanced Elements AE1007-R Inflatable kayak.

Do let us know in comments if the article has helped you.

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