How To Pick The Best Braided Fishing Line In The Market -2019

Braided fishing line review. All you need to know regarding all kinds of braided fishing lines put out in the market today. In this page, we help you pick which one works best for your fishing needs.

With most synthetic braided line brands out to advertise themselves, our goal is to give you a hand choosing the right braided fishing line and distinguish one from the other so you can see the important features and pick the best braided fishing line for your needs.

To help you differentiate and know what features to look for, we look into five of the top brands and their properties, the good and the bad of each one, then pick out what we conclude to be the best braided fishing line among the top picks

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Why Choose Braided Fishing Lines?

Braided fishing lines are made with a combination of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Dyneema and Spectra are brand names of these PE materials that are braided with a lot of very thin fibers to make them very tough and durable.

Braided fishing lines are extremely durable and the lines are what they say they are- braided with synthetic materials strong enough to withstand even the most extreme fishing conditions. They also have strong abrasion-resistant qualities that make them ideal for fishing in rocky conditions and rugged terrains.

why choose braided fishing lines

Braided lines are so strong and flexible that the lines' breaking strength oftentimes exceeds pound-test ratings. In most cases, a lot of species of fish would have a hard time breaking it with their teeth. The braids have small diameter and don't have any memory.

They also float, have no stretch and are very easy to cast on farther distances. The lack of stretch is an advantage because you can pull the bait away from the fish and set the hook better with a lot of lines. Braids are good in any application especially when fishing in heavy vegetation.

Most freshwater fish like to hide under cover of lily pads, hydrilla, water hyacinths and cattails. The braided lines can cut through most of these plants and keep the fish from tangling you up. These lines and can be used on any types of fishing reel, making them immensely popular among fishermen and hobbyists.

What To Look For In Braided Fishing Lines:


Most braided lines are woven with multiple strands with each strand composing a number of very thin fibers. Lines that are braided with 3 strands have more wind, are flat, have more roughness and are less expensive.

A lot of braided fishing lines out in the market are more commonly braided with 4 strands. These are usually in the shape of a square but look round with its thin lines. Unlike the 3 strands, it has more roughness and you may hear the noise when you try reeling the 4 strand lines.

And then there are lines that are braided with 8 thinner strands for even better smoothness. These are usually intended for offshore deep jigging and tend to be expensive.

In a relatively high-tension jigging, the lines are constantly in contact with line guides and smooth lines are very important. You may be surprised by how thin an 8-strand braided line is too, when compared with the regular 4-strand braids. Some folks prefer 8 strands over 4 because they feel 4-strands are a bit coarse.

While that may just be on how you’re used to the kind of lines you’re familiar with, it could be that most prefer 8-strands due to their casting abilities. Personally, I think it’s a matter of preference and feel.​


Braided fishing lines are usually coated with an abrasion protection since PE fibers have less abrasion resistance compared to monofilament fibers. The coating makes the lines’ body harder and slimmer. Thin coat lines are preferable because lines cast farther and are much smoother to retrieve.


Braided lines are made of 100 PE fibers but some have mixed fabrication like monofilament that are used to add tension to the lines and ease in handling. There are also lines built with Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers which are inexpensive and stronger than nylon.

Other Benefits Of Braided Fishing Lines

For one, newer braided lines are made of tougher synthetic materials and gone are the days when braided lines were just made of Dacron. Today’s braided lines offer superior strength and durability which makes casting easier with much less stretch.

They work well with spinning rods and their strength makes these lines difficult to break when snagged, allowing your expensive lures to be retrieved. They work well, especially when in heavy cover while casting or flipping, allowing fish to be retrieved without fear of losing the catch or having the line break.

Braided lines are quite popular with bass fishing and in fishing in thick aquatic weeded areas. If braided lines are properly spooled and maintained, they can have a long reel life.

Our Top 5 Picks

KastKing Mega 8 Super Performance 8-Strand Braid Fishing Line


KastKing is made of Polyethylene fiber that is considered the world’s strongest fiber. Its properties like exceptional tensile strength help bite sensitivity to help reel fish in. The PE fibers and special anti-abrasive coating give the KastKing Mega 8 top-rating in abrasion resistance and great knot strength with very low spool memory. Its color treatment sticks to the braid while enhancing fade resistance.

Its innovative coating, rounder, and smoother lines increase castability and reduce friction. Farther cast capacity and better precision can make you can use it in any type of cover. Higher line strength and spool diameter make the KastKing Mega 8 Super Braid result in more reel capacity for catching fish.

If you’re looking for a tough braided line that will last a very long time, consider KastKing Mega 8 Super Performance 8-Strand Braid Fishing Line.


  • Super strong with more string for your money where you can tell the difference when unspooling
  • Very good abrasion resistance with greater sensitivity compared to other 8-strand brands without the usual coarseness
  • Can stand up to anything without breaking and won’t kink when spooled correctly


  • Line feel is weaker compared to other brands and could feel weak and snap in mid-cast in some instances
  • Eight-strand braids are thicker compared to other brands and not as smooth
  • Braid can unravel and ball up and this product may not be recommended for beginners

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line


Piscifun Braided Fishing Line Black PE has stronger, smoother and thinner lines compared to other fishing lines. It can match any water condition or fishing conditions with tensile strengths from 10lb to 150lb tests.

The 10lb to 150lb lines are made with four strands of superior PE fibers while the 65lb to 120lb are made of eight strands for higher tensile strength. These are also wrapped tightly to ensure a smaller profile for better casting and knot strength.

Piscifun braided lines are what every serious angler needs at a fraction of a price compared to its competitors.​


  • Great braided fishing line for a great price and very good alternative to pricey fishing lines
  • Line is super strong and does not stretch like regular fishing lines
  • Easy to install on the reel and does not tangle easily, good for baitcasting reel


  • Not really good for cast and retrieve fishing
  • Line has a tendency to twist and knot when using a spinning reel, has elasticity issues resulting in knot failure
  • Can easily break in some cases, almost dry and rotted especially after long storage

KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line 500M (550 Yards)/1000M(1100 Yards) Advanced Superline


KastKing SuperPower has incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength with a round and smooth design for increased casting distance and general fish ability. It’s very easy to cast and handle with extremely low memory.

It has almost nonexistent stretch that creates a line with extreme sensitivity. It also has a small diameter to test LB ratio and delivers rock solid hooksets for maximum catch and a great fishing experience.

You get to cast farther and tie knots easier with greater hook up ratio due to its better wind knot resistance that can help transmit even the smallest hit.


  • Goes on the reel well, casts well and works great
  • Line does not fray through and knots will definitely hold
  • Will work great even after a year’s use and will still cast well after many snags with no failures


  • Line is known to constantly break under load conditions which should have been manageable
  • Line can break easily, feels weak and can snap under what is normally indicated strength
  • The color can come off, black turns to gray and thickness can be a problem

KastKing Fortis Braided Fishing Line, New Braid Line with Improved Formula, Stronger, Smoother, Fade Resistant


Kastking’s newest product, made to undergo a special process to eliminate color fade that has bugged other braided fishing lines. Made tougher with high molecular Polyethylene fiber that’s been used on body armor and protective gear.

Line integrity has been reinforced and there’s no need to tie on a fluorocarbon leader. Built to withstand extreme conditions that its abrasion-resistance material can handle and makes no noise on the guides.

For extreme fishing under the worst conditions possible, the Fortis line may be what you need for your fishing adventure.​


  • Definitely up for any challenges, performs better than expected even in very rocky conditions and under heavy cover
  • Outstanding deal for its price, color holds fast and will not come off
  • Knot strength is excellent, will hold and will not cause any knot failure


  • Strength issues, known to break when snagged, probably its greatest problem
  • Tangles and birds nest very easily, beginners and amateur fishers will have a hard time with the line
  • Color fading still a problem especially in saltwater and frays very easily after a couple of uses

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line Multicolor Advanced Strong 150yards 300yards 547yards PE Line


Piscifun Braided Fishing Lines 12lb-50lb line is made with four high-strength strands. The higher tensile strength line of 65lb-150lb has eight powerful strands for smoother power that results in better casting and knot strength.

Its superior abrasion resistance and knot strength gives it backlash-free line. Its zero-stretch, high-sensitivity and low memory with smaller diameter makes it an excellent buy.


  • Value and quality are excellent, coupled with low price makes it an unbeatable competitor against any brand
  • Line is very thin and strong, makes for excellent castability and doesn’t have the stiff feel of others in its class
  • Casts far with very little friction, excellent line weight


  • Line strength leaves much to be desired, strands can break in some places and spool capacity isn’t what is indicated
  • Dye can bleed in hands and dissolves in water, spool can change colors and dissolve in water and stain hands
  • Very short casting distance, line strength also leaves much to be desired


From the top five braided fishing lines reviewed above, the KastKing Mega 8 Super Performance 8-Strand is the clear winner. The braid can stand up to anything without breaking, making the product clearly superior to any other braided lines. It has no stretch and has excellent abrasion resistance.

The line casts farther than any other brands combined with no memory and with greater sensitivity. Line performance for castability is quite high and the eight-strand braids are thicker and looks solid than other brands although it doesn't mean that it's not thin.

The thickness doesn't affect its performance and even adds to the durability of the line. It's a good general purpose fishing line that can withstand any fishing conditions, even in rocky conditions. It will catch any kind of fish in whatever aquatic environment you want to use it on, be it fresh or salt water environment.

KastKing lines also have a large spool that makes it easy to load the line and it holds up really well. This is the braided fishing line that’s often called an all-around line that can be used for all types of fishing like spinning, casting, flipping and trolling. This is the kind of line that should be tried on any condition by both novice and professional fishermen.​

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