Best 5 Bass Fishing Rigs You Should Know About

You know mainly about three popular bass fishing rigs right? Well, it's true, but there are even some more that we think every angler including you must know.

Mastering about all the great bass fishing rigs, you would be able to experience an outstanding bass fishing day. So, to let you enjoy such a day we want you to look at these fishing rigs and then go out for fishing.

But before we start with that, let us see what the different components are standard in every fishing rig.


The Active Components Of Fishing Rigs

1. Fishing Line

fishing line for spinning reel

Fishing line is one of the main elements of fishing rigs that are found in different types or varieties.

Many anglers would like to employ the same fishing line for every technique, but it could be likely said as a mistake.

This could result in failure to detect a bite, hook the fish and in landing it ultimately. Every line, be it monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided possesses distinct properties about sensitivity, abrasion resistance, diameter, memory, color, stretch and other things.

Hence, no particular line would be suiting all techniques as well as condition.

2. Sinkers

Fishing hooks sinkers and floats on a wooden background

Sinkers could be considered as the important thing in angler's tackle bag.

Maximum weights today are constructed from molded lead.

These are usually associated with live baits as well as weights with simulated lures. Keeping environmental awareness in mind, alternative sinkers are now available in the market.

These are made from titanium, brass, tungsten, as well as rocks.

3. Hooks

Hooks with colored pieces of the fishing line to catch fish

Fishing hooks for your technique would depend upon the used artificial or live baits, thickness as well as the length of the employed plastic lure, required lure action and many more things.

Many anglers change hooks routinely according to their technique and style.

4. Fishing Swivels

fishing swivel

Fishing swivel serves as a vital basis for bass fishing rigs by being a tying point between leader and the main line.

They would discard the primary line twisting and allow turning and spinning all under the swivel.

Swivels are made in the crane, barrel, snap and ball bearings' configuration.

Ball bearing swivels could be regarded as the best style to use in spite of being very costly.

5. Beads

Beads are pretty simplistic and act as knot protection in Carolina and Texas rigs, noise makers while made of brass or glass, and bobber stops while float fishing.

These could even be considered as vital ingredients for spinner baits. Beads are produced in brass, glass, plastic as well as in different colors.

5 Super Bass Fishing Rigs

1. Carolina Rigs

carolina rig


These are Sliding Sinker Rigs that are specifically created as bass fishing rigs along with a weedless hook as well as a sloppy plastic worm.

This rig would make the worm separated from the weight to make the worm look more natural with free horizontal movements.

When you would be pulling the weight down the bottom, the worm would be dancing, dashing and stopping momentarily beyond the weight.

The rig could be weedless, but it would allow fishing a worm quicker from horizontal places such as a flat, wedge, shallow weed beds or weed line.

It could not be good particularly around rocks such as rip rap. This is because the rig has a tendency of hanging considerably while using a weight of ½ to 1 ounce.

  • 1. If you want to tie the rig, you would have to slide an egg sinker or bullet on your line and then glide a brass cracker or bead onto the line beyond the weight
  • 2. After this, you would have to hold those in place while tying a barrel swivel to the line’s end and then start tying 2 feet to 5 feet leader to the swivel’s other end
  • 3. At last, you would have to fix a hook and later thread the plastic on it.

2. Texas Rig

Texas Rig


Texas Rig is very popular among the bass fishing rigs. It is a method of fishing soft plastic worm closer to or in cover like weeds.

This rig would require a different weight that is cone-shaped as well as a worm hook that would be designed for threading through the worm for not to expose the hook’s point.

  • 1. You would have to glide a cone-shaped weight along the main line where the cone’s lower part would face the line’s end
  • 2. The rig would be Snagless and weedless if the hook point is being covered with plastic
  • 3. After this, you would have to add the soft plastic worm via first threading
  • 4. The worm is horizontally presented across the bottom when a bullet sinker is attached and displayed at the top while arrayed weightlessly.

3. Drop Shot Rig

Drop Shot Rig


You would be able to put forward a soft plastic lure with the drop shot rig above the bottom to the suspended bass there, and this makes it even an attractive option of bass fishing rigs.

This rig could be a good option not only for catching bass but also for catfish and other species.

The bait in this rig is presented horizontally off the bottom, but you would even be able to enjoy productive fishing vertically with it.

  • 1. You would have to start to tie a conventional knot to the hook leaving about 6 inches to more feet long tag end
  • 2. After tying the knot, you would have to pass the tag end along the eyelet from where the hook is on causing the hook to escape out with the upward hook point
  • 3. Now you would have to tie the weight to your line’s tag end and then add plastic worm or lure to the hook.

The weight of this rig is present at the lower part while the hook is anywhere up the line.

You would be able to employ the weight for holding the bait in a particular place, fishing it up and down and shake it to allure the fish to bite.

However, Palomar knot would be an excellent way for tying drop shot rig. The hook would have to be facing upward to keep it from tearing.

4. Wacky Rig

weightless wacky rigged


The wacky rig would provide you natural looking bait sitting in the water horizontally but falling slowly vertically.

You would be able to enjoy fishing in one spot nicely using this rig.

However, the Wacky rig could be weightless or possess ring weight or belly weights added for getting it down faster in deep waters.

This would certainly be the simplest rig to tie.

  • 1. Employing your preferable knot, you would first have to bind a hook on the line and then to fold the worm, it has to be pierced along the middle.
  • 2. After casting it, you would have to allow it to fall and offer it some light trembles to make it look like a real worm squirming across the water column.

This would be an excellent method to employ in clear water. It could be used in floating areas such as docks or regions around bedding bass. However, this could be difficult for fishing it over big horizontal places as the rig functions very slowly.

5. Neko Rig

neko rig


Neko Rig could be said as exactly the opposite of wacky rig by worm presentation.

This rig is vertically presented to fish horizontally.

  • 1. For tying this rig, you would have to bind the hook to your line's end
  • 2. After attaching the hook, you would have to perforate the worm in the middle and then put a nail weight of lead into the worm's tail
  • 3. While fishing the worm, it will be standing on the tail, but while it is twitched, the worm will be pulling forward horizontal tremble and stand vertically up off the bottom
  • 4. It would be a very special presentation for soft plastics.

At present, there are various good weights available to rig in this way.

For example, ball weights offer a look of the shaky head after inserting into the tail which could be moved from the worm’s middle.

The worm could be kept fastened to the hook using split rings while you fight fish.


So, these were the five super bass fishing rigs that we thought you must know about. If you want to enjoy a great bass fishing day, you would have to apprehend these facts before fishing.

We hope that you would be able to attain a comprehensive knowledge about the bass fishing rigs from the list mentioned above.

However, don't just forget to let us know in the comments how much this article has helped you. We would be glad to know your opinion.

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