Why Proper Footwear Is So Important for Fisherman

Every fisherman knows how important the right equipment is.

You can almost always tell the experienced fisherman by their rod and reel. Even though there is a long-ru​​​​nning debate on the importance of a reel over a rod, both are important. 

You know someone fishing with a tangled line, bent pole, and a reel that makes more noise than a lawnmower isn’t likely to catch many fish.

Selecting the Right Footwear for Fishing

Selecting the right pole is important, but selecting the right footwear is also critical.

Most of us give no thought to our shoes when we go fishing. We immediately select an old pair of shoes or hiking boots we’ve had for years. Sure, they may work, but they aren’t the best choice for fishing. Shoes with features and functions designed specifically for fishing and boating can improve your haul and comfort during your next fishing trip.

A Closer Look at Fishing and Boating Shoes

There are several important characteristics for a shoe designed for fishing and boating.

The first is a slip-resistant outer sole. Anyone who has spent time on a dock or boat will know how slippery it can be. The water and oil can make footing tricky. A slip-resistant sole uses a soft rubber-like material that grips the surface. The tread whisks water away with every step, instead of trapping water so you hydroplane. A stable design, with support for movement, is also important. This provides a sure step to make movement and stability easier even on a rocking boat.

A water-resistant design does nothing other than trap water inside the shoe. You need a shoe that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. These additional benefits will let your shoe dry and keep your foot healthy, even during a wet fishing trip.

1. Safety First!

Fishing can be dangerous and injury can be more common than you might think.

Slip-resistant shoes can prevent many of the slips and falls that are common when fishing and they are much safer than the old gym shoes or boots that many of us wear when fishing. Make sure the sole is a soft, slightly pliable, synthetic material, and provides traction even on water or oil.

2. Comfort and Convenience in Fishing Shoes

Look for lightweight, stable shoes with the necessary support, even on a swaying boat. A breathable material that helps drain water rather than trapping it is also important. It’ll keep your feet dry even when you get water in the shoes.

3. Protect Your Boat

Finally, it seems like a small matter, but you should find a shoe that helps protect your boat as much as your feet. Look for non-marking shoes that won’t scuff the boat or ding the fiberglass.  

Make the Most of Your Time with the Right Footwear

While most of us spend time finding the perfect rod and reel, we don’t give much thought to footwear.

The right footwear, especially shoes designed for fishing and boating, is an important part to having a fun successful fishing trip. Sure, your shoes aren’t going to catch more fish, but they take care of your feet and keep you safe. Then you can focus your attention on the task at hand - catching those fish!

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