The Great Ocean Road

The great o​​​​cean road is a great road that winds alongside the Southern Ocean. One of the biggest attractions in Australia, it begins about an hour outside of Melbourne’s city centers and extends all the way to the South Australian border. The entire road stretches about 400 kilometres (249 miles) and is often travelled by tourists over the course of a few days, it makes for a terrific road trip abroad. 

Why visit?

If you are entirely unaware of this particular road, you might be asking yourself why people would choose to travel all the way to Melbourne, Australia just to see a road and it would be understandable. So far all that can be gleaned about this road is that it is really long and it goes by the ocean. However, over the rest of this article we hope you will finally glean why this has been referred to as the best road trip on the planet.

What can you accomplish on the great ocean road?

There are few stretches of road along which you are able to experience as much in one trip as the great ocean road. And while you can feasibly experience all of these in a journey of only 2 – 3 days, it is very likely that at the end of the journey, you will simply turn the car around and try to enjoy yourself all over again. Of course, you should always have insurance. So, as you embark on you adventure of the great ocean road while you enjoy travel safety with State, here are things that will blow your mind.

The scenery: We have already established that the great ocean road runs along the Southern Ocean, and while this is in itself a greatly majestic view, it is far from all on offer. The waves at Bells Beach are known around the world for their grandness, Lorne is at the core of Australia’s art community, and Anglesea offers you one of the best natural lands a person can actually relax in. All of these are available scenery for those who simply want to see more than they experience. And of course there are the 12 Apostles, the biggest attraction of the great ocean road. See it right from the road or take one of the available helicopter rides to get a better view.

Nature: Why go on such an epic road trip if you won’t get the opportunity to experience the splendor of nature. This is available in abundance on the great ocean road. Along the great ocean road you will witness the splendor of rainforests, old volcanoes, coastlines, waterfalls, and rivers. All of these with their own unique wildlife and ecosystems, many of which is available nowhere but in Australia. The highlight of all these is without a doubt the Otway fly treetop walk. This is a walk that happens just over the Otway rainforest, elevated to 600 meters you allow you view the magnificent stands of trees right from the top.

The Food: Have you ever wanted to experience as much of the great and diverse foods of Australia as you are able to pack into one single trip? Well, the great ocean road is the precise trip to do so. On this journey you will be given the opportunity to pick your raspberries at the Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm and your own blueberries at the Shoebridge Blueberry Farm. The Lorne Fisheries Co-Op will give you direct access to the freshest catches by local fishermen. Wineries are another fixture of the great ocean road. Whether it’s the Basalt Vineyard or Bellbrae Estate, you will be given to find the best vintages right at their source.

The wildlife: Australia is home to a number of animals that do not exist anywhere in this world. It is the only place you will see these animals in their natural habitat as you will see during your trip. Watch Koalas live their cute and gentle lives at the Great Otway National Park, Anglesea will give you the best sites to watch Kangaroos frolic, and at Logan’s Beach you just might get the opportunity to watch right whales calve, if you are there between the months of May and September. Looking for something a little more educational and you should join the Seals by Sea tour for a chance to learn all about fur seals as you observe them in their natural habitat.  

The Culture: The Aboriginal people were the first settlers of Australia and naturally have a long history with the place. This history has produced a wonderfully welcoming culture and art whose beauty cannot be understated. This is evident in the playing of the didgeridoo, the ancient preserved artifacts, the sacred rock art that dates back over 22,000 years and the stories of an ancient culture. All of these are present in the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Geelong. At Tower Hill, you are able to hire an aboriginal guide who will lead you through the ancient sites of their people and tell you of the intricacies of their cultures. 

The Highlights of The Great Ocean Road

We have already mentioned a few features that represent the best of the best in the great ocean road. But just so you are familiar with the rest, here are the highlights of this journey.

  • Gibson Steps

  • The Twelve Apostles

  • Loch Ard Gorge

  • London Arch

  • The Grotto

  • The Arch

  • Walks in Port Campbell National Park

  • Bay of Islands

  • Appollo Bay Hostel

  • Triplet Falls

  • Kennett River

  • Bells Beach

  • Lorne

  • Teddy’s Lookout

  • The Lorne to Appollo Bay Drive

  • Mariners Lookout

There are many reasons to journey down the great ocean road and these represent the best of those reasons. However, arguably the best feature of this journey are the people you will meet along it. These people are all too happy to help you as you make your journey, whether you are a Foreigner, tourist or a local, and they will certainly make you appreciate Australia and eager for a return.

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