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Trolling motors would work perfectly to monitor the fine movements of the boat while fishing in along the shoreline or shallow water. If you have the right trolling motor, it can create a great difference in your experience of fishing.

After checking and analyzing several products along with reviews, we have brought up Motorguide xi5 reviews that would help you to choose the best model suited for your purpose. If you are interested, then just keep on reading.

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Things to Consider in Trolling Motors

Trolling Motors would be the right choice to fish in vast areas than only by drifting. It could be even better than to fire up the outboard motor for moving around.

These motors are known to be quiet and even would not frighten the fish like that of an outboard.

Now, this would let you to be more flexible on water as well as find out areas of active fishes. Therefore, a trolling motor would be a worthy investment of every angler.

Well, there are many things you would have to consider before investing in any trolling motor.

1. Thrust

One of the most important things to consider in a trolling motor is thrust. Thrust is basically a measurement of the potential rate of a trolling motor and is measured in lbs (pounds).

A unit having more thrust would be able to push bigger boats through rough waters.However, the amount of thrust you require would depend upon the size of the boat you will be using as well as the type of water you planned to fish.

If you have a small boat to be used in a small lake, then it would not require high thrust like what a full-size boat of fishing would require for using on greater lakes.

To simplify, you would need more thrust from the trolling motor if you plan to fish on rough waters using a bigger boat.

2. Bow or Transom mount

It would be basically your preference where you will like to mount the trolling motor. Bow mounted motors are mounted on the boat’s front whereas transom motors are mounted on the rear side.

Transom motors are basically the most reasonable and would be perfect for small boats. 

  • These motors are operated using hands and possess less accurate steering than the bow counterparts as they would be pushing the boat on the water.
  • Well, if you plan to fish for walleyes or prefer backroll, then transom trolling motors could be the right option.
  • On the other hand, you would have to install a flat bow on bow mounted trolling motors. Bow mounted motors could be operated without hands using pedals.

These motors would offer you a determined advantage of control in rough waters with accurate steering. However, they are usually costlier but possess tougher features.

3. Batteries and Voltage

It would be a matter of endurance when you choose a voltage for your trolling motor. The things that you have to consider for determining what you require are the number of times you fish as well as how much time you spend on the water.

  • If you catch for some hours only on weekends at a time, then a 12-volt system would be a better choice.
  • But if you fish every week for many times right from dawn till evening, then a 24-volt motor system would be a worthy investment.

A 12-volt system is known to run on one deep cycle marine battery of 12-volt while the 24-volt system is said to run two marine battery in series.

4. Hand or Foot Control

Whether you need hand or foot control trolling motor, it is even entirely your preference. However, maximum anglers are known to prefer the models of foot control.

This is probably because it permits to keep hands free while trolling.

On the other hand, hand control models are known to render more accurate steering along with throttle.

5. Shaft Length

The shaft length of your trolling motor would have to be suited to the size of the boat, particularly for bow mounted motors. The distance between the waterline and transom is usually same for maximum boats.

But the bow ranges could greatly vary. You can take a rough estimate of the shaft length of bow motors by measuring the distance your bow’s top to the waterline and then adding 18 inches approximately.

The shaft length of transom motors is usually within 30” to 42” depending on the length of the boat.

6. Fishing Conditions

The fishing location even would determine the type of trolling motor appropriate for you. Fishing in small lakes with least current would require a trolling motor with minimum thrust.

But if you fish in rapid moving current water bodies, then the motor with more thrust would be recommended.

Our Top 5 Picks

MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor is a result of dedication and hard work which assures to fulfill the expectations of today's customers.

The motor comes with wireless abilities which possibly make the device easy to use and set up. I like the ball-bearing steering in this motor as it reduces the noise significantly.

The motor is engineered to offer reliable and durable service over a long time. Though wireless foot pedal comes standard in every freshwater motor, with Xi5 motor you would be able to experience quiet and silky smooth pedal.

Moreover, a technologically upgraded coating encloses the electrical elements of the motor for protecting them from dust and moisture.

Xi5 motor features a new composite shaft that would be efficient in handling every obstacle of trolling by bending. The motor even possesses digital variable speed and safety features like the low profile, double locked mount.


  • The motor is very durable and reliable
  • The pinpoint GPS system allows to focus on fishing quickly
  • The feature of heading lock makes easier to get to the destination
  • The cruise control works pretty well
  • The motor is very convenient to use.


  • The motor might not be good for shallow water fishing
  • It might take the time to learn to operate the curve foot pedal.

MotorGuide Xi5 48” is the other wireless trolling motor model which is designed to be durable and reliable. With the wireless capabilities, anglers could be able to command absolute motor and steering control from every place of the boat.

It even comes with a silky smooth, hand held remote which would display details, making it easy to use and safe.

AdvantagesStatus Indicators at a GlanceThe Xi5 employs LED lights to let you check the status quickly of four key functions in any condition of light. The Next-Gen Digital Technology wireless pedal offers exceptional control of the motor.

Moreover, the Digital speed control would render power at a precise level, required by the operator. The motor has anodized aluminum base for preventing corrosion, and the hardware components include stainless steel.

However, the special stow and deploy mechanism would guide and align the motor into packed position and affix it in place. The model even comes with a secondary lock system for preventing damage and accidental deployment.


  • The steering motor is much quieter
  • The GPS anchor system works pretty well
  • It is much easy to deploy and retrieve


  • Lowrance is the only the brand GPS screen unit that would go with this motor
  • It might only work great in freshwater.

MotorGuide 80FW Xi5 trolling motor would be ideal for boats that weigh about 4,000lbs. It would be even suitable for medium to big freshwater bass, v-hull, pontoon as well as fishing boats about 23’. This model even can utilize GPS for controlling and positioning a boat.

This model of Xi5 series is even engineered to offer durable and reliable service to the users. With the wireless capability, you would be able to command accurate control on motor and steering from any place of your boat.

MotorGuide 80FW Xi5 trolling motor even comes with the standard freshwater wireless foot pedal which would work quietly and smoothly.​

This trolling motor even features the all new composite shaft along with Next-Gen Digital technology, low-profile mount as well as Status Indicators at a Glance.

However, the model even is compatible with only Lowrance fish finders.


  • The pinpoint GPS function is incredible
  • The anchor lock feature is game changing
  • The networking is great
  • The foot control is too sensitive and responsive.


  • The foot pedal might seem hard to use
  • The motor takes about 30 seconds to change from handheld remote to foot control.

MotorGuide Xi5 105lbs trolling motor is designed to meet all your expectations. It has the maximum thrust of 105 with a shaft length of 60”.

With this, you will get the option of wireless ability for having steer and motor control.

The main advantages of using Xi5 include Status Indicators at a Glance that employs LED lights in the controller. It would allow you to quickly take a look at the four key functions’ status in every light condition.

Moreover, the indicator of battery power employs distinctive colored lights for showing three levels of battery life in actual time.​

Xi5 motors’ new Digital technology consists of long lasting cooler running power electronics which would be 50% more effective. This Next-Gen Digital Technology even captures as well as store energy which is lost typically as heat.

Overall, it means that the motor will offer longer running time and fewer battery charges.

Moreover, the anodized aluminum base would prevent the motor from corrosion.


  • The pinpoint GPS and wireless controls are very responsive
  • The anchor lock is great
  • The motor is well-built.


  • The packaging could be better.

This is another model from Xi5 series of MotorGuide which features the maximum thrust capacity of 55lbs and 48 inches shaft length.

Like all the above models, it even has the wireless ability including the wireless foot pedal. Moreover, the model features pro-style, intuitive ‘heel-toe’ operation that would control the steering.

The Digital variable speed control provides excellent low-speed capability of trolling and with the Digital Technology, you would be able to control your motor.

It even features 50% more efficient and durable cool-running power electronics. Such refined efficiency assures of longer running time together with lesser battery charges.


  • The motor is lighter in weight
  • It works efficiently for hours, assuring efficient battery life
  • The pinpoint GPS works significantly
  • It is very durable and offers an excellent steering control.


  • It might seem a little bit noisy.

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Well, this was our MotorGuide Xi5 reviews which we thought would help you to pick up the right model according to your needs. All these five models are designed using special upgraded Digital Technology to exceed angler’s expectations to a higher level.

As per the considerations mentioned earlier, you would have to select a motor according to your boat size, fishing conditions, and other aspects but MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless 80lbs-48”-24V Trolling Motor could be a good option on an average.

However, the runner-ups could be MotorGuide Xi5Wireless 80lbs-54”-24V Trolling Motor followed by MotorGuide Xi5 55lbs-48”-12V Trolling Motor, MotorGuide 80FW Xi5 Trolling Motor and MotorGuide Xi5 105lbs-60”-36V Trolling Motor. Please do comment if the article has helped you.

We hope our list would help you to select the best line for you. However, if you have any suggestion regarding this article, please let us know about it in the comments section.

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