Wonderful Tips On How To Catch Striped Bass

Are you ready to take up the challenge to catch a striped bass?

Well, catching striped bass can be difficult many a times. It is necessary to apprehend how to catch striped bass to make a fruitful investment on water.

Beginners are often unaware of this, and it is probably the reason that they fail mostly to catch these cagey predators. To help you to experience an ultimate fishing day, we have brought up the list of tips and techniques to catch striped bass effectively.

You might be a lucky angler to catch good numbers of these predators following our recommended tips. If you want to comprehend more, then keep on reading.


Choosing The Right Equipment

Striped bass could be somewhat tricky to fish as they goes on moving continuously and their behavior is also quite unpredictable.

This is probably the reason that many anglers argue about acknowledging the best techniques and equipments for catching striped bass.

#1. A Fish-Finder

If you are planning to catch striped bass, then a fish-finder would be a good thing to use. A fish finder would help you to locate the place in water where the fish has assembled.

Hence, you would have to know well how to use the equipment by going through the manual.

fish finder

Striped bass moves around at different places and depths according to weather conditions, year and time. The fish-finder would help you to spot the exact depth. You would be then able to put the bait at that depth thereby offering the best scope to catch the bass successfully.

If you want a good fish-finder, you can use this one

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish Finder

#2. Choosing The Right Bait

bait for hogfish

Striped bass could be said as gracious feeders, so you would be able to catch them with several kinds of bait.

  • The live baits which could be said to be great for these predators are menhaden, eels, herring, clams, squid, sandworms and many others.
  • However, the kind of bait you will be using for successful result will depend upon the fishing location.

You could even fish striped bass by using the lure that look like the hunting base in the fishing area. The lures could be made of wood, plastic, metal, rubber or resins.

Berkley Gulp baits

#3. Choosing Rod, Reel And Tackle

You would be able to use any kind of rod and reel to catch striped bass. The kind of rod would actually depend upon your type of fishing. This would determine the perfect size, weight as well as flexibility of the rod.

  • Using an ideal reel is probably more significant than the rod.
  • For catching striped bass, spinning reel could be a good option.
  • In addition to it, monofilament line of 10 to 20 pounds test would be required to catch big sized fish.

For rod, this one would be worthy of purchase:

Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

This could be a good tackle kit to make your fishing day successful:

Akuna [SB5A] Pack of 5 fishing lures for Striped Bass for USA 50 states

Best Times, Places And Conditions For Striped Bass Fishing

Striped bass could be caught possibly all times in a year and in any type of condition. Your chances of successful striped bass fishing would increase if you could apprehend the behavior pattern of the fish.

  • These predator fishes are migratory in nature and they prefer about 45 to 65 degrees F temperature in water.
  • You would not be able to find this species when the temperature of water rises or goes below it.
  • Water temperature would also determine the depth where the fish will stay.

Striped bass is more liable to eat when water movement takes place during tides and breeze.

  • This is because the movement of water twitches the sediment up that allure bait fish and it will in turn attract the striped bass.

Dawn and dusk would be a good time if you want to catch huge amount of stripers

  • This is because stripers are known to stay active during these times as they hunt small fishes under darkness.

Techniques Of Striped Bass Fishing

Techniques #1. Using Live eels 

If you want to catch striped bass weighing up to 40 pounds, then catching live eels would be an effectual option. These eels can be used for catch large sized stripes in deep water as they are more prone to loiter near the bottom.

using live eel

However, you would be able to catch eels in several ways but using a light spinning setup would be the easiest.

Step-1: Locating The Bass

The first step would be to locate the bass.

  • If you want to fish from a boat, sonar would be a good option to use. The sonar would help you to spot the assembled area of the bass.
  • At high speed stripers would look like a small orange blotch on the screen.

However, you might easily miss the marks on sonar screen so it would be better to be very attentive.

Step-2: Hooking The Eel

Eels could be hard to handle as they are squirming and slithering creatures. In order to hook the eel, you could use a cotton or burlap sack to hold it with good grip. Now, hooking could be done in two varied ways:

  • One by passing the hook through the mouth and out from the eel's eye
  • Or by placing it deeply as much as possible in mouth and then passing through the throat's bottom.

Step-3: Casting The Eel

In order to cast the eel, you first would have to find a suitable place to rip the hook out. You would have to then give some time to the eel to reach the appropriate depth before starting to reel it slowly.

casting the eel

. Take 3 to 5 seconds for each revolution to reel as you would definitely like the eel to do the maximum work for you

Take 3 to 5 seconds for each revolution to reel as you would definitely like the eel to do the maximum work for you.

Step-4: Reeling The Striped Bass

Once you feel that the striper has grasped the eel, you would have to bow the rod until it becomes parallel with the water. This would actually stop the striper to feel any kind of tension and becoming frightened.

So, now you can choose any one these two things:

  • You can either reel in the fish as soon as it gets hooked on, or you can wait for near about 10 seconds before reeling the fish in. Waiting for sometime will allow the fish to hook on properly.
  • But, the second option however will hook in too deeply and might hurt the fish a lot.So, if you are planning to release the fish afterwards, then the first option will be better for you.

Techniques #2. Tube and Worm Trolling

Tube and worm technique would be one of the effective and easiest options for the beginners of striper fishing. The color tube while being slowly trolled looks like a live eel or big sandworm, both of which are favorites of bass.

worm trolling lure

When To Employ Tube And Worm Technique:

  • This method would work best while fishing in flat, shallow waters having temperature more than 55 degree C.

Step-1: Hooking A Live Sandworm In The Tube

Tubes without bait would rarely let you catch striped bass, so it is very crucial. If you use fresh bait, it would emit a scent that would in turn allure stripers to come closer.

Step-2: Trolling At The Perfect Speed

You would have to employ a perfect speed of about 2 to 2.5 mph to troll the tube. It appears to be like eels' speed of swimming which eventually makes the bait look lively.

Step-3: Keeping The Bait At The Right Level

  • The tube and worm technique would work great at 3 to 7 ft depth of water.
  • The lead core's color amount would help you to determine the water depth where the tube and worm is trolled.
  • You would have to weave the tube slowly forward and backward to make the bait look more real.

Likewise, your dream to catch striped bass would ultimately become true.


We hope that our suggested tips and techniques of how to catch striped bass would help you to a lot in availing the best ways for fishing. Employing the perfect techniques and choosing correct implements are very necessary while going for fishing especially when your target is an unpredictable and evasive predator.

We have brought up this list to help those people who are unaware of the required techniques and other things.

However, if you have any kind of suggestion or advice which we might have missed, please let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to know to it from you.

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