What Do You Need To Do To Make Bass Bite At Night?

Do bass bite at night? Many anglers ask this question, considering bass are prone to changes in weather conditions and becoming inactive depending on water temperature. So what do you do to make bass bite at night?

I will be teaching you the basics and a step by step how-to guide to become proficient at night bass fishing. I will also be giving you the best tips in order to answer your question if bass do bite at night.


Why Bass Bite At Night ?

During summer, when daytime temperatures heat up, bass usually go to the deep parts of the lake where it's cooler and they feel safe from all the activity that usually happens in the lakes during daytime.

When there are a lot of people and activity, it's almost impossible to do bass fishing. The best time to do bass fishing would be at night, when temperatures are cooler and the bass become more aggressive and move towards shallow waters.

You'll have more success during nighttime when bass begin to get hungry and bite every available food they can find.

Calling Bass From Cover To Bite At Night

Ideally, bass would go to the shallows at night where the water is clear and visibility is excellent. When they move up to the shallows to feed, it's time to entice them with loud and bold lures.

Calling Bass From Cover

When chasing bass during nighttime hours, a couple of fish-enticing vibrations that imitate a shad and crayfish, two of the bass' favorite food source, are needed.

Under the right conditions, you'll have the best chance of bass biting at night with surface lures such as Jitterbugs, prop-baits and buzzbaits.

Choose The Best Night Fishing Bass Baits

In order to have the best possible success for nighttime bass fishing, it's essential to have the perfect lures that you need to bring with you. The lures that cause the best vibrations for bass to zero in on the bait include:

Single Colorado-Blade Spinnerbait

Fishing on top of the water column or shallows where bass tend to feed needs a lighter spinnerbait with a slow retrieve. The Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait -Single Colorado Diamond Blade should do the trick.

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait - Single Colorado Diamond Blade

Via amazon.com

It's the perfect spinnerbait with a safety pin wire for your knot or line clip not to slip out of position and lay your line better so you'll have the perfect catch.

Umbrella Rig

SF 5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig Fishing Bass Lures Bait Kit

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Fishing for more than one bass is easier with an umbrella rig. The SF 5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig Fishing Bass Lures Bait Kit can hook multiple bass at the same time. With an umbrella rig, you can catch up to four bass per cast.

You can put in a variety of lures which are perfect for targeting suspended bass feeding on bait fish.

Swimbait Lure

Supertrip 5/8-Ounce 5-Inch 8 Segment Swimbait Lures Crankbaits Baits Hard Bait Fishing Lures

Via amazon.com

Their jointed design and 3D eyes are so lifelike, they mimic actual fish and are quite good enough to catch the most foolhardy bass.

It's best to remember that dark-colored baits work best for nighttime bass fishing. These baits are available at Amazon with limited special offer you can take advantage of, for a limited time period.

Important Things To Consider

  • Spinnerbait or chatterbait, is the best bait, with a quarter to a half-ounce bait with Colorado blade as the best ones to reel the bass in slower.
  • Like I said earlier, dark-colored baits and the ones that do enough noise and vibration to lure the bass at night are the best way to catch bass.
  • It’s very important to slow down your presentation. Whatever bait you use, it’s imperative to slowly reel the handle towards that bait, just moving enough to put up a presence.
  • Use long pauses and move it real slowly to where you think the bass are. That’s going to help the bass detect the bait and feel it and eventually catch them.
  • Use light, sensitive rods and braided lines, preferably 30-50lb with no leader for more sensitivity; while you need to use fluorocarbon in lit docks so the bass wouldn’t be able to see it

Learn Nighttime Bass Fishing Techniques By Watching An Instructional Video

The following is a very informative video uploaded on YouTube by LakeForkGuy. It shows the proper tips and techniques for effective nighttime bass fishing:

Let's Go Fishing

As I mentioned earlier, the best advantage you have for night bass fishing is the fact that you can actually catch them in shallow waters.

It would be easier to catch bigger bass you don't normally get to catch at daytime, as they move up to feed. Nighttime bass fishing is a very enjoyable and intense experience with your senses heightened, as you get to feel the bass bite at night when you reel them in.

If you enjoy fishing as much as I do, do drop me a line anytime on the comments section below. I'd be glad to help you out if you have any questions. So enjoy and go get your fishing rods and let's go nighttime bass fishing!

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