Cheap fishing lures work for Pike – Do they work?

It’s common knowledge that angling or sport fishing is one of the world’s best hobbies and game fishes such as the northern pike provide a mix of thrill and excitement.

However, pike fishing does pose a challenge to avid anglers all over and it’s not just these are aggressive swimmers that put up a good fight when they’re hooked, but that the lures aren’t exactly wallet-friendly.

It doesn’t exactly help either that the pikes are rather finicky creatures that won’t bother with a terrible looking low-class lure.

Luckily, this post has the remedy for all your woes. Below are just a handful of the most legit types of lures that are crafted to please even the big ones and won’t poke a hole in your money-holder either.


  • Lixada Fishing Bass Lure



At $5.99, the Lixada Fishing Bass Lure is a 7-segment multi-jointed bionic fishing bait with lifelike 3D eyes, realistic swimming action, durable fabric made from high quality eco-friendly ABS material, and a pulling force of up to 17 kg that is capable of nabbing any vicious sea predator.

With those kinds of pros, the scent of a bargain isn’t far away from happening. And other than pikes, this little fella can also hook up yellow perches, basses, trouts, roaches, muskies, walleyes and more. It is pretty much the ideal bait for netting saltwater and freshwater swimmers.


  • Supertrip 5/8-Ounce 5-Inch 8 Segment Swimbait Lures



Here’s another one of the best cheap fishing lures for sale that provides a slew of possibilities to any angler that uses it. This 8-segment multi-jointed number brilliantly mimics the colors, patterns and movements of an actual bait fish that no fighter fish can resist.

This lure can do well at any speed and water column. It’s rigged with 2 highly durable treble hooks with flexibility hinge. An suitable all-rounder capable of hooking mandarin fish, weever, trout, snakehead and catfish among others.


  • Lixada Multi Jointed Segment Pike Muskie Hard Minnow Bait


Lixada strikes again, this time with a multi jointed segment pike muskie hard minnow bait. Realistic body details, swimming movements, rapid and smooth diving actions made with durable ABS material that can last a good long while.

It can create S-swim at any speed to provoke the hungry biters. And whether you take it back slowly or quickly after throwing, it will display realistic fluttering action.


  • Abu Garcia Tormentor Floating Lure


Pikes, zanders, basses, perches and trouts have all fallen under the spell of this magnificent lure. It requires a steady retrieve as it has a Rapala lip or a diving vein with different wobbling action and diving depth that is dependent on the size and shape of the lure.


  • Savage Gear 3D Topwater Duck


Pretty lifelike wouldn’t you say? And that’s exactly what the pikes at the end of its hook thinks so as well. The Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck does an excellent job of mimicking the swimming actions of an actual fleeing duckling with extreme precision.

Its spinning feet action causes water to be splashed in all directions that is enough to get the attention of game fishes from a great distance. Because it is rigged with both top and bottom hook configuration, anglers are able to customize the bait for any fishing condition.

It is due to all of the aforementioned features and facilities that this bait had the honor of being the recipient of the 2016 ICAST Hard Bait category.


  • Savage Gear LB 3D Bleak Paddle Tail


The Savage Gear LB 3D Bleak Paddle Tail can perform some stellar kicking and rocking action on the drop and the retrieve. It also sports strikingly authentic baitfish details that is able to indulge any big game fish without a moment of resistance.

It is available in 3 variety of colors – bleak, rudd minnow and firetiger and is a simplistic bait that can draw saltwater and freshwater species.

Jig baits such as this need to be cast out from shallow to deep waters.


  • Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures


The Storm WildEye Live Pike can capture the attention of any predator from a distance thanks to its swimming actions that are as good as the original and natural color schemes. But the real deal closers are its holographic WildEye and the holographic swimming flash foil.

It has a secure I-Bolt system, that can be rigged with a high-quality VMC needle point hook and a and treble belly hook.
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