Best Water Shoes For Hiking Reviews (2018)

It is easy for water to get into your feet and trap moisture, which could cause adverse health effects on your feet and also reduce the life span of your shoes. Purchasing the best water shoes for hiking should, therefore, be your ultimate objective if you’re an outdoor activities enthusiast.



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KEEN Men's Arroyo II Sandal

LOUECHY Men's Notus Casual Hiking Shoes

Columbia Men's Drainmaker III Water Shoe

Clorts 3H020B

LOUECHY Men's Ponrea Mesh Hiking Shoes Water Shoes Breathable Outdoor Sneakers Walking Shoe

​Best Water Shoes For Hiking Reviews

Here are the reviews of some of the highly regarded water shoes that you need to consider purchasing;

1. KEEN Men's Arroyo II Sandal


Keen is a brand that has been consistent in producing high quality and reliable footwear for the longest time. This particular one from the brand also features leather fabric with a rubber sole.

The design is impeccable and even has laces that allow you to tighten the shoes if the need arises. This product is supple and provides a good fit to prevent it from slipping out of your feet.

The heel measures about 2 inches and the construction contain vents that enhance breathability and waterproof. The Aroyo II combines all the ideal features that a trail shoe and sandal would present. ​I consider ​it's my best water hiking sandals.

This is an ideal footwear that defines outdoor activity shoes to wear. It provides better experience especially when you get the right size for your feet.

best water hiking sandals


  • Made of a suitable leather material
  • Ideal design that allows for sufficient breathability and waterproof
  • Patented rubber sole with excellent grip
  • plus
    Durable construction
  • plus
    Easy to wear and to remove


  • The large holes might enable pebbles to enter and prick your foot.
  • Considerably expensive

2. LOUECHY Men's Notus Casual Hiking Shoes


This is a Louechy product that presents some of the best features that you can ever get in any hiking shoes. The material used for constructing this pair is high grade and guarantees high quality.

The design features a mesh at the upper section and padded rubber outsole that provides non-slip impact. This Louechy pair of shoes is also lightweight and designed to meet the needs of everyday hiker.

The laces also provide more stability when in the shoes and the entire shoes is well cushioned to provide you with ultimate comfort.


  • Easy to wash and dries faster
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • plus
    Rubber sole guarantees slip-resistance
  • plus
    Constructed using high-quality fabrics
  • plus
    Mesh fabric enhances breathability
  • plus
    ComfortableIdeal for varied outdoor activities


  • You have to get the right size for best experience

This is an ultimate and ​best water and hiking shoes, suitable for someone who prefers to have one that can be used in undertaking different outdoor activities. It is worth the pric​​e.

best water and hiking shoes

3. Columbia Men's Drainmaker III Water Shoe


This footwear is manufactured by Columbia, one of the most consistent footwear brands with esteemed reputation. The design features mesh fabric and single-pull lacing system. The sole is made from a rubber material that prevents the wearer from slipping and is well distributed to enable the user to feel the comfort and ease when walking in them.

The collar is padded for better feeling even after prolonged usage. The shoes are lightweight, waterproof and do not retain moisture hence good breathability. There are ports at the midsole part that helps in draining water and air flow.

This pair of shoes is relatively expensive, but it is suitable for any outdoor activity as it provides great experience and comfort to the feet.


  • Easy to dry
  • Slip-resistance
  • Comfortable
  • plus
    Durable construction
  • plus
    Easy to wear and to remove
  • plus
    Constructed using high-quality fabrics
  • plus
    Safe on your feet


  • Reasonably expensive

4. Clorts 3H020B


Innovatively designed, this is one of the ​best shoes for hiking through water. The construction features 60% mesh fabric and 40% PU. Cushioning is well done that supports faster drying and healthy shoe environment. The PU leather material helps in providing the necessary breathability and as well as the durable air mesh.

best shoes for hiking through water

The entire construction is also lightweight and also has an excellent bounce midsole. Additionally, the sole is also made of rubber which makes it non-slippery. This pair also has a fast lacing buckle that allows you to tighten and loosen it easily.

This particular type of shoes is ideal for a variety of adventures. It is quite pricey, but you can be certain that the features are worth the price.


  • Easily adjustable lacing buckle
  • High breathability
  • Non-slippery rubber soles
  • plus
    Durable construction
  • plus
    Appealing, innovative design
  • plus
    Dries relatively faster
  • plus


  • Comparatively expensive

5. LOUECHY Men's Ponrea Mesh Hiking Shoes Water Shoes Breathable Outdoor Sneakers Walking Shoe


This is one of the best and innovatively designed water shoes from Louchey. It features a rubber outsole which enhances non-slippery effects and a mesh textile on the upper side of the shoes that facilitates drainage of water and breathability.

The construction also contains stretchy laces that help in more relaxed and convenient wearing.

The rubber toe bumper and heel counter make this particular water shoe release moisture faster and also quick drying. The material used for constructing this unit is high grade, and the design itself is appealing. You’re guaranteed of high comfort when wearing this pair of shoes from Louechy.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Innovatively constructed
  • Rubber outsole prevents slipping
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear and to remove
  • plus
    Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities


  • Somewhat rough heel

The design and features for this pair of shoes are some of the great aspects that it presents. Given that the price is also affordable, you necessarily can get purchase it.

Buying Guide For ​Top Rated Water Hiking Shoes

water hiking shoes

Essentially, the popularity of water shoes has become enormous in the recent past. Many people are flooding both online and offline stores to look for these shoes. However, it should be noted that different brands manufacture these types of shoes. Therefore, they tend to differ in many aspects, which is the compelling reason why you need to look into before purchasing one.

Of course, we understand how time-consuming and mind-boggling the entire process of picking the most suitable one can be. But this guide is here to help you in making the best decision that would ​support you to go home with suitable water shoes for your hiking needs.


This is indeed a significant aspect that you must look into when picking ideal water shoes for hiking. They are often made of different materials, and some may not be necessarily suitable for long-term use in hiking. It is thus essential to make sure that you go for a material that does not retain any bit of moisture. As earlier stated, it can lead to a foot infection and also make reduces the lifespan of the shoes.

An ideal material is therefore that allows your feet to be flexible in the shoes, comfortable and enables you to walk without feeling any pinch. Remember hiking can be exhaustive and you wouldn’t like to get shoes that rather add burden to the already challenging task. It is also important to understand that the particular type of material also depends on your preference.

And if the material is elastic, it is also prudent to ensure that it will not necessarily stretch too loosely until it becomes difficult for your feet to fit suitably. The material should also never be one that can overstretch to the extent of putting your foot out of position especially when steeping uphill.


The type of sole that your preferred water shoes for hiking have is also a fundamental element that you need to consider. The sole determines whether or not you’ll be safe throughout the hike.

Make sure that you go for a sole that provides enough grip. You see the reason for this is that you’re never sure what surfaces you will step on. Some will be extremely slippery whereas other will be rugged.

Essentially, ensure that the particular type of sole for the shoes you’re picking can withstand all the unfavorable conditions it might be subjected to when hiking. The grip is necessary because it will prevent you from sliding, which can be harmful and would even lead to severe injuries.


As stated earlier, different brands have different shoe designs. It is a factor that you need to consider because it also plays a vital role in hiking. Some shoes have laces while others do not. In this case, it is upon you to decide what you think suits your preference in regards to the design. Shoes with laces are recommended because they hold the shoes tightly on your feet, which is a good thing considering that you hiking often happens in irregular terrains.

​Non-laced shoes for hiking are also ideal. The only drawback is that some, especially those made of elastic material can at times slip off from your foot when walking in rugged terrains. It is an experience you would not particularly wish to encounter. However, if you get a better fitting type of non-laced, shoes, it is also appropriate if you purchase them.


Non-laced shoes for hiking are also ideal the only drawback is that some, especially those made of elastic material can at times slip off from your foot when walking in rugged terrains. It is an experience you would not particularly wish to encounter. However, if you get a better fitting type of non-laced, shoes, it is also appropriate if you purchase them.

Shape is the other element that surrounds the design. You also need to make sure that the shape of the shoe is ideally appropriate for hiking.


The price for these shoes varies depending on numerous factors. The type of material used, the design and the brand are among the few contexts that determine the cost of particular shoes for hiking. The stores selling these kinds of shoes also determine the price.

When buying these products, however, it is advisable that you first identify the specific type that you’re looking for. Afterwards, window shop in various stores to help you compare prices to get a better deal. This is primarily when you’re operating on a tight budget.

But the most important thing is to ensure that the price tag for a particular shoe that you’re buying is worth the quality. Make sure that you get value for your money regardless of the amount you are paying to obtain the shoes.


This is arguably one of the most substantial factors that should determine your selection when looking for best water shoes for hiking. There are renowned companies that have stood the test of time in manufacturing these types of shoes, especially in regards to quality.

On the other hand, there are also other emerging brands that also produce quality shoes for hiking, but the only difference is that their brands are little known. What you necessarily need to do is making sure that the particular brand you’re selecting is known for manufacturing outstanding shoes suitable for this purpose.

But it should also be understood that not all the renowned brands have a specialty in producing quality regarding shoes for hiking. It is thus essential to figure out the particular brands that can at the very least produce shoes that have features which suits your specific needs.


Understandably, this review has factored in what are some of the highly rated water shoes for hiking. It is possible that there might be other brands in the market but before you choose to purchase any of them ensure you consider the ones mentioned above, of course depending on your budget.

Hiking should be an exciting activity, and it would be disastrous that you fail to wear the right shoes that guarantees safety and comfort throughout the trekking. Choose a best water shoes for hiking for you right now!

Best Water Shoes For Hiking

How To Fix A Misaligned Zipper In 7 Easy Steps

While zippers are definitely among the most handy-dandy small devices ever invented, they also come with a wide array of problems, one of which is misalignment. You know, when the slider (a.k.a. the thing you slide over the zipper tape) skips a few tabs or so? Or when you mistakenly zipped it up without properly aligning from the bottom? Misalignment is a common cause of zipper jamming, malfunctioning, or breakage.

This can be a nuisance and might just cause your jacket or jeans on the donate pile. However, what most of us don’t realize is that fixing the zipper is very simple and requires only a few basic tools and minutes of your time. So, here is a guide on how to fix a misaligned zipper.

Materials You Will Need



Sometimes, when you got a ​misaligned two way zipper, it also gets stuck or jammed, which makes repair a little more challenging. Lubricants can be used to get things going and allow the slider to be adjusted.

misaligned two way zipper

Dry Lubricants

Wet Lubricants

Seam ripper

You may need to unstitch the zipper from your garment, bag, or equipment to make it easier to repair. For this purpose, a seam ripper or sharp blade will come in handy. If you don’t have those, a small pair of scissors could work as well.

A Pair of Pliers, a Screwdriver, or a Kitchen Knife


Pliers are the best tools to help you remove the stops, the slider, or teeth that may be causing the problem. You can also use them to reattach or replace them. If you don’t have pliers, you can use a flat-tipped screwdriver or kitchen knife. Just be extra careful with the knife as it can damage the stops or cause them to go flying across the room.

Needle and Thread or a Sewing Machine

Needle and Thread or a Sewing Machine

After repairing your zipper, you will need these to attach it back to your garment or bag. You can stitch it by hand, or you can use a machine to make the work much faster, especially if you’re dealing with a long or large zipper.

Zipper Replacement Parts

During repair, you may have to replace broken, malfunctioning, or missing parts of the zipper.

Instructions On How To Fix A Misaligned Zipper

Before we get into the details of fixing a zipper, it might help for you to first recognize the parts of a zipper as shown in these pictures below:

Now, You’re Ready To Start Fixing your Zipper.

Step 1. Remove the top stops.

As shown in the pictures, a zipper has two top stops and two bottom stops which prevent the slider from coming off of it. To reset and fix the alignment of your zipper, you must remove either the two bottom stops or the two top stops if the bottom has a retainer box and pin system. To do this, grab a pair of pliers to pull away from the stops and set them aside. You can also use a kitchen knife or screwdriver for this task.

Step 2. Remove the slider.

Once the stops have come off, you can now move the slider to the top or bottom of the zipper, whichever way the removed stops where initially positioned.

Step 3. Lubricate a jammed zipper.

If the slider is stuck, this is the time you can use your lubricants. Try the graphite stick or pencil first by rubbing it on the teeth nearest to the slider. Then, try moving the slider back and forth along the zipper to loosen it up. This may require a little force, but once the slider starts moving, your job becomes easier. In case the graphite method fails, use wet lubricants.

Step 4. Realign the zipper’s teeth.

Now, realign the bottom part of the two zipper tapes. Also, check for any deformed or missing teeth that may have caused the misalignment. Use your pliers to replace these or restore their shape.

Step 5. Slip the slider back.

Once the tapes are aligned, you can now slip back the slider from the top. If your zipper has a retainer box at the bottom, you can start by putting the slider all the way down on the side of the box.

Then, insert the pin on the other tape into the slider. Make sure to pull it all the way down into the retainer box. Try zipping up to the point before the removed stops should be. Ensure that the zipper stays aligned and closes properly.

Step 6. Put the stops back in place.

Since the problem is now solved, you can seal the zipper again by putting the stops back using pliers.

Step 7. Finish it up

If you removed the zipper, you could now stitch it back. You can even replace damaged stops by simply sewing the two zipper tapes securely together where the stops should be. 

You can also watch this quick video demonstration to know ​how to fix an uneven zipper on a jacket.

how to fix an uneven zipper on a jacket


Congratulations! You now know how to fix a misaligned zipper and might just be able to save a beloved piece of clothing or an otherwise perfect bag or tent. You might be surprised at how helpful this skill can be.

Did you learn something from this tutorial? If so, please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Do leave your comments or questions below as well!

Your Ultimate Guide On How To Catch Eels

Fishing for eel can be exciting and at the same time frustrating depending on various factors. Given that eels are mostly found in different water bodies that have muddy bottom surfaces, you have to be skillful to get the ideal catch.

Interestingly, many anglers tend to pursue other types of fishes as critical targets and in some instances end up with a few or more eels. This breed is not glamorous, and many fishermen often classify it as among the undesirable type of fish around. In fact, some people use it as baits. How to catch eels is thus essential to the anglers that need this fish as main target any moment they are out fishing.

Overview Of Eels

Before we even get to know best ways of catching eels, it is imperative to understand some of the necessary information regarding eels. This is a type of fish that resembles a snake, which is elongated and tapers to a point at the tail.

It is relatively slim and appears scale-free, but in a real sense, the scales are deeply embedded in particular sections of the skin. In most cases, they like breeding in freshwater bodies and vary in color from dark brown to olive green.

It is often rare to find male eels that are longer than 0.5 meters. However, female eels are ordinarily common especially those that are one meter long, and some go even to about 1.5 meters. The weight varies depending on the length where some would weigh up to four kilograms, with a few exceptions that can grow to a weight of eight kilograms.

Catching Eels

Several ways can be used to capture eels. The major problem that you might encounter is that eels are often slippery, swift and difficult to hold even after catching. The best time to find them is at night.

 However, you may also choose to pursue them during the day since some of them also feed during such times. You’ll need to get too muddy bottom places; fresh water empties into salty water and brackist water areas.

One way is that you may choose to use worms, minnows and loach gudgeon among others to catch them. This method is somewhat tedious and unpredictable especially in areas where there are several types of fishes. You can never be sure of whether it is the eel that will be caught on the bait or any other type of fish.

It happens that an angler baits a small hook and using a worm or minnow or any other preferred one and presenting it at the end of the entrance of the hole.

The eel then takes the bait while the angler is still holding the line taut until when the prey is finally caught. With time, you will feel that the eel is biting and it is when you are supposed to react gently but quickly by lifting it from the water to the ground or into a basket.

A compelling aspect to take note of is when you realize that the fails to bite the bait for around two minutes or so then choose to reel the line in and cast it out once more.

It is a somewhat traditional method that may end up consuming much of your time, but if you are doing for fun, then it becomes a more interesting approach to take.

The other way is using night lines. Such night lines have several many hooks attached to them and are pushed to the water using a relatively heavy brick or stone or any other substance that has appropriate weight on one side.

The other side of the nightline is tied on the branch of a tree or fastened into the river bank or better still, tied on a bunch of weeds that are on the water side. This method is somewhat easy and relatively better than using bait since you’re confident of catching most if not all eels by the end of the exercise.

In most cases, eels are caught in rivers. Nonetheless, the ideal time for finding them is when they are moving towards the sea. It is also a sign that they have indeed attained the right size for the catch, ideal fat content as well as best possible condition.

Still, you can capture eels that move upstream primarily for purposes of direct food or better yet for transferring them to other waters. In this case, you need to ensure that you use the safest means possible to prevent injuring some of the tissues of these fishes.

Tools And Apparatuses

What you have to know is that there are specific tools that you need when fishing for eels. It does not, therefore, imply that the gears are expensive or relatively complicated. No! For instance, when you’re pursuing silver eels that migrate you need to have reasonably large and robust pieces of equipment.

Yellow eels, on the other hand, can be captured using baited traps, eel spears, long lines, shore seines and fyke nets for eels among others. However, the most efficient of all of these depends on what is stipulated in the regulations that govern the fishing in that particular locality.

 Overall, some of the preferred equipment are those that do not cause harm to or interfere with the other untargeted species. It is thus proper to ensure that you become conscious of the fact that the conservation of other types of fishes that you do not necessarily need is an important aspect when dealing with particular tools for capturing eels.


From the pots, it seems apparent that catching eel can be easy and also difficult depending on your approach and the types of tools that you use.

The most important thing, however, is to make sure that you understand how and when to catch this kind of fish. You also need to be patient because they are unpredictable and tend to mingle easily with other types of fish hence making it rather tricky to define their dominant base entirely.


What Are The Best No Cook Backpacking Meals? The Recipes You Need To Know!

Because camping, trekking or hiking with no stoves, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils is so much easier, no cook backpacking meals have now become very popular. Not only does this save you from carrying several extra pounds but it also gives you more time to enjoy nature without having to worry about cleaning up or preparing your meals.

What are the Best No Cook Backpacking Meals?

Of course, backpacking meals should be packed with nutrients and calories to provide you strength and energy. They also don’t have to be unhealthy or expensive. In fact, you might be surprised at the number of choices and ways you can prepare them. For easy, tasty recipes and ideas on what you can eat without cooking or heating, check out this list!

1. Meats


The trail is not the best environment for keeping meat fresh. Thankfully, there are cured and preserved meats that do not need refrigeration. These are ideal additions to your meals or a good snack by themselves. These include:

  • Jerky. You can buy these thin dried strips of fish or meat, usually beef, or you can make them yourself with a food dehydrator. These are light and also provides a great balance of protein, fats, and carbs.
  • Sala​mi
  • star-o
  • star-o
    Mini summer saus​ages
  • star-o
    Tuna chunks or flakes in oil or water like this tuna in an easy tear-open package that does not require draining or a can opener. It’s great for sandwiches, wraps, salads, or on its own straight from the pouch. It also comes in different flavors like Ranch, Hickory Smoked, Lemon Pepper, and Sweet & Spicy. 

2. Cheeses


Cheese is a great source of protein, healthy fats, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B12. You can eat it on its own or with bread, meat, crackers, or in wraps. The following aged hard cheeses will stay good outside the fridge longer:

  • Cheddar
  • star-o
  • star-o
  • star-o
  • star-o
  • star-o

3. Trail Mix, Granola Bars, or Fiber Bars

Trail Mix, Granola Bars, or Fiber Bars

Dried fruits give you a sugar boost but are healthier than candy. Nuts and seeds, if roasted, provide healthy fats and oils and proteins. Cereals provide energy-giving sugars and fiber. Trail mix is a light, nutritious, and handy treat on the trail. Fiber bars and granola bars are just basically another form of what’s in a trail mix. Here’s what you can add to your mix:

Dried fruits

Fresh wild berries



Granola or cereal

4. Bagels


Bagels are great for breakfast sandwiches since they are less delicate but more moist and fluffy than other carbohydrate choices for trails. You can eat them with any or a combination of the following:

  • Peanut butter and jelly or banana
  • star-o
    Cream cheese (in single-use packets)
  • star-o
  • star-o
    Dried fruit
  • star-o
  • star-o
  • star-o

4. Crackers

Crackers are also a great, filling food rich in sodium and carbohydrates. Prevent them from breaking and getting crushed by hanging them outside you backpack in a bag or bandana. You can also eat them with cheese and meat for a complete, satisfying meal.

5. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is another unbeatable instant breakfast food. For a nutritious and easy meal, combine oatmeal with hot or cold water, whichever is available, and top with dried fruits, some nuts, and a little honey. You can also add some powdered milk or get the instant oatmeal packets than only need hot water.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack of 48 packets is a cheap option. It only costs less than $20 and contains single-serving packets that only take 90 seconds to prepare. Simply add water and stir.

6. Wraps

veggie wraps

Wraps are the first things that come to mind when I think of a quick, easy, and complete meals with all the things you need like proteins, veggies, fats, and carbs. Pita is also a durable type of bread that can survive being unrefrigerated and packed. There are also hundreds of fillings that you can roll inside a pita wrap for a meal or a heavy snack. Here are some ideas:

Veggie Wraps

Pizza Wraps


Tuna Wraps

Snack wraps


No cook backpacking meals tend to be boring and monotonous especially during long trips. Fortunately, there are tons of meal ideas and ingredients that you can mix and match for some variety, like those mentioned here. Whether you prefer to bring a stove or not, these meals are definitely a must-try!

Where to Keep Your Gun Safe – The Essentials

Shooting is a pastime that is enjoyed by many people, and one that can provide a great deal of satisfaction. Whether you enjoy target or game shooting, or keep a gun for security and peace of mind. there are certain legal requirements that go with gun ownership, and a great deal of inherent responsibility that also comes with the sport.

Make no mistake, guns are dangerous, and especially so if in the wrong hands. An experienced handler will know what to do to make sure that the guns they own never get into the hands of others, and one of the legal requirements is a gun safe.

Any holder of a firearms licence is expected to adhere to the laws a​​​​nd regulations that go with owning guns. This includes having a secure place where your guns are at the least risk of getting into the wrong hands. Bear in mind that such laws can vary from state to state. Let’s talk about the essentials of where to keep your gun safe.

Choosing Your Position

First, it’s important to be aware that the regulations pertaining to guns also apply to ammunition and accessories. The first requirement for any gun owner is to have a safe, secure and top-quality gun cabinet or safe installed; the trick is in knowing where to put it.

You can buy safes for guns readily, and there are some very good ones on the market that make a lot of sense at sensible prices. Still, you need to take all the advice you can on where best to put your safe, and the primary consideration is finding the place that offers the lowest chance of theft or accidental discovery.

To this end, it’s perhaps wise to check out the places where you really should NOT put your gun safe, so here’s a few ideas:

The garage – a no-no in every way; it’s the easiest place to get into, the first place anyone will look, and a likely access point for anyone breaking and entering. It’s also most at risk from fire, flood and potentially damaging humidity – remember, the care of your gun is also part and parcel of having a safe.

Bedroom – it’s a cliché, so don’t hide your gun safe behind a picture, say, in your bedroom, or put it in your closet. Thieves will undoubtedly check this area first once they are in.

Hallway – this is the first entry point of anyone coming into your house – wanted or otherwise – and remember, where your guns and valuables are concerned, never trust anyone!

Where is Safest?

Statistically, the following are the safest places – in terms of chance of theft – for your gun safe: the basement, where there are plenty of potential hiding places, and which can be kept locked at all times, and the bathroom, where nobody will likely think to look. This is not to say these are failsafe places, but they are not the ones that spring to mind for thieves.

Now you have an idea of where to, and not to, put your gun safe, what else do you need to know? It should be constructed to a high standard and have a security rating that makes it very difficult to get into. Check out the many available and talk to experts in gun safes who will be able to help you with the details.

Once you have a safe in mind, and a place where it is going to go, you need to think about how you are to secure it. A free-standing case or cabinet is not a great idea for guns, so you need to look at securing it to the fabric of the house. This is another reason why basements are a great place for gun safes, as they can be secured to very strong beams or struts, with bolts that are very difficult to cut.

Also, think about siting your gun safe in a corner position, from which you can have it secured on more than one side; this gives you added protection if anyone wants to try and prise it away, and will delay them significantly.

It is also wise to make sure your gun safe isn’t too obvious, so try not to have it on full view. Hide it behind mock vents – or even a false wall – for example, and make it as hard to find as can possibly be.

Use the information online and make sure you talk to the experts, and you can minimise the chances of your firearms falling into the wrong hands.

How Long Does Fishing Line Last

Fishing is one of the best hobby a person can have. It is relaxing and relieves stress as well. In my younger years, I’ve experienced fishing together with my older brother in a small river near our place.

 I’ve seen him catches different kinds of fishes, though almost were tiny maybe because there wasn’t a perfect fishing tool he could use. But whether big or small, the most important thing is we enjoyed a lot. 

Today, I still go fishing and use my fishing line oftentimes, it is simple to realize that it is necessary to replace it much frequently than if you only fish for many times a year.

Every time I go fishing, my fishing line is unprotected to many harsh stuffs, heat, and water. The more time it undergoes exposure, the sooner it dilapidated.

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Top 10 Tips to Staying Awake During an Overnight Fishing Trip

Overnight fishing trips are such a thrilling experience, wouldn’t you agree? They are more challenging than the day fishing adventures and more fun, in my opinion. The only thing that may scare some of you away is the fact that you have to stay awake all night long.

No worries, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid falling asleep when going fishing overnight. I'm a big fan of night fishing, and I used several of these tricks to stay alert. Try at least some of them the next time you plan an overnight fishing escapade.

Sleep well the night before

Get a good long rest the night before going fishing. Go to bed later than usual and make everything possible for a truly relaxing sleep. These actions will help your body run through a sleepless night.

Eat healthy during the day

Respect the rule of having three healthy and balanced meals during the day that precedes the sleepless night. If you skip eating, your body will feel undernourished; if you overeat, it'll be too tired trying to digest.

 I suggest you have a big breakfast, with healthy carbs and proteins, plus fruits and veggies. Lunch should be generous, but not too fat, and dinner should be light – no greasy, fatty foods, no heavily caffeinated or sugary stuff.

Prepare healthy snacks for the night

Staying up all night will make you hungry, at some point, so it’s best to have a stock of healthy foods prepared. Carrot sticks, fruits (like apples or bananas), nuts, almonds or cashews are all great options.

Also, they don’t weigh much in your backpack. During the night, you could chew gum or a mint. I usually go for the nuts, but mints are also a good choice.

Take a nap during the day

A few hours before you start your sleepless night, take a 30 minutes short nap. It will give you an extra boost of rest and energy. But don’t overdo it, because a longer nap will make you feel tired and the plan will be ruined.

Stay warm

Cold weather will make your body temperature drop, and you will feel tired; you'll slowly nod off to sleep, and the fish will get away. The best solution is to have thermal clothing to keep your body temperature up so you won’t fall asleep. 

Pack comfortable bedding

Comfy bedding is essential for pulling an all-nighter. If it's freezing outside, a thermal sleeping bag is a solution; if it's warm, then a foam mat or an inflatable sleeping pad is the best choice.

Check a try mattress site to find the right product for you – they are light, waterproof and extremely efficient on an overnight fishing trip. Some guys like also having a bed-chair to sit back and chill, but I don’t particularly feel the need to carry it with me.

Stimulate your body

Keep parts of your body active, and you'll be less likely to fall asleep. Try some of these tricks: stretching, rolling your shoulders, circling your head or even give yourself a hand massage.

Get up and move around, to improve your blood flow. Jumping jacks will work, too. Relax your eyes every hour by closing and opening them several times. If you still feel like falling asleep, pinch yourself or bite your tongue!

Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration will help you stay awake. Just make sure you drink cold water, not alcohol or coffee. A glass of ice water is enough to induce a small shock to your body; drinking at least one from time to time will continue to refresh the body.

Listen to music

If music doesn’t put you to sleep, you may consider listening to it while fishing, with the help of earbuds or headphones. Dynamic songs playing softly in your ear will stimulate you to pay attention to your surroundings and thus stay awake. 

Keep your mind alert

Stimulating your mind is just as important as encouraging your body when you want to pull an all-nighter. Play a game in your head or concentrate on learning the lyrics of the songs you’re listening. And keep your spine straight, it will help the mind stay alert.

The Ultimate Buying Guide To The Best Trolling Motor (2018)

Whether you’re a fisherman, a hunter or merely an enthusiast of outdoor leisure activities, it’s imperative to own the best trolling motor. You can imagine how fun it is to catch more fish, participate in a shooting game and just to enjoy the beautiful nature, by getting an additional boost for your boating experience. 

If you’re looking for an ideal trolling motor but you aren’t sure of what and how to purchase, worry not. This article is here to help you make the best choice for your boating needs.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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5 Best Fishing Boots To Consider In The Market (2018)

Are you looking for the best fishing boots? Well, read on to find out.

Fishing is one the relaxing activities that you can undertake to spend your day. It can be fun especially when you have a cold drink in your hand and some friends in the vicinity to cheer you on the moment you roll in the big one. However, it can also be tedious and dangerous more so if you do not have the right types of boots. You may instead end up sliding and slipping along the rocks underneath your feet if you have wrong footwear.

You know the repercussions right? You’ll probably end up losing your fish and at the same time find yourself in an emergency room somewhere seeking specialist services if you happen to break your leg or twist your ankle.

That’s the reason why you have to get the best fishing boots you can get in the market. The best is one that can keep your feet safe during the fishing until that moment you end up packing heading back home. 

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Buying The Best Fish Finder GPS Combo And Reasons Why You Need One (2018)

If you are a serious fisher, it really pays to know where the fish you are targeting are located in real time. In some cases, you might also need at least a hint of where they have been. Of course, your naked eyes are not enough to do that.

Thankfully, today’s modern technology has got you covered! Many brands are now offering fish finders and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that tell your exact location and the whereabouts of fish anywhere in a body of water.

On an even better note, you can now find the best Fish Finder GPS combo for your needs with the help of this guide! So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out how!

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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