How To Find The Best Fluorocarbon Line For Your Use- Buyer Guide’s (2019)

If you want to have the best fluorocarbon line but don't know how to choose the perfect one, then this might be the right place for you to know.

By considering several factors, we have selected the best five options. If you are interested to know about them, then keep on reading.

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Benefits of Fluorocarbon Lines

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are made by amalgamating hydrogen, carbon and fluorine molecules. It is single stranded just like monofilaments of nylon. But the line is heavier and denser.

Benefits of Fluorocarbon Lines

There are many other significant differences between fluorocarbon and other lines of fishing. The differences lie in the stretch, durability, and visibility. And all these factors affect on the line’s performance underwater.

All these factors affect on the line’s performance underwater:

Trade-Offs Of Fluorocarbon Lines:

  • Manageability

Fluorocarbon lines are harder and the memory is more compared to the other fishing lines. This makes it the minimal, manageable line of fishing. But the modern fluorocarbon lines are advanced to perform well.

If you are using this line, it is important to make sure that you are pairing it with a perfect reel size and are not filling the spool.

  • Shock Strength

It is the ability of a line to imbibe sudden effects like head shakes and solid hooksets. Fluorocarbon lines fall in this respect between super line and mono. Monofilament fishing lines are leaders in this category.

Shock strength might be an important factor for your fishing, so, in that case, you can lose the drag instead of giving up sensitivity and stealthiness of fluorocarbon.

  • Sink Rate

The sink rate of fluorocarbon lines is more than monofilament lines. Therefore, it might not be the best line for smaller baits and lures of top water. On the other side, this line would be appropriate for fastening bait closer to the bottom.

  • Knot Strength

Fluorocarbon lines will cease to function if it is cinched down without wetting it. You need to make sure that the strength of the knot is excellent.

How To Handle Fluorocarbon Lines Perfectly

Fluorocarbon lines might appear to be less amiable while spooling on a reel. It smoothly moves off the reel, but as a result, it can raise problems on the spool.

While fluorocarbon is spooled on a bait caster, it is important to turn up the spool on sides and assure that the line enters from the spool's top in the reel. Resistance has to be put on the spool and then wind slowly and evenly.

Fluorocarbon lines require strong tightness but not too much. Pressure couldn't be put on the reel spool thereby allowing the line to stay evenly on it. If it is handled in this way, then the line would not crimp.

A good conditioner of the line can be used on the new line spool. The condition will help in memory and permits for more casting. These lines have maximum abrasion resistance, sensitivity, and lower visibility.

Though the lines can be harder, if you want to spool properly, then you can utilize backing to reduce the cost and a good conditioner for keeping the line manageable and smooth.

Tips on Fluorocarbon Lines

Tip #1: Crankbaits

If you are fishing with submerging crank baits, it would be perfect to use fluorocarbon fishing lines. It is almost 1.7 times thicker than the ordinary line of nylon. Now this makes it sink quickly.

You can employ fluorocarbon lines instead of depending on the actual lure weight to make it down to the required depth. If you use this line for crank baits, then you would remove the chances of bows.

This will prevent you to feel the bite quickly and hook the fish.

Tip #2: Knots

While attaching a hook or lure to the fluorocarbon line, you might use Palomar knot as suggested by Mike Bucca, the expert angler. However, the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Library site recommends using Trilene Knot. A clear knot can grasp up better compared to watery one.

To avoid crimps in the line, it is important to lubricate the knot properly while trying and before cinching.

Tip #3: Adding to Monofilament

You can get the benefits of the fluorocarbon line’s features by joining it to the monofilament one. You would have to join both the line in a single knot and then reel back the line. As a result of this, you would cast better.

You will also be able to save much fluorocarbon lines, and this is advantageous. This is because these lines are more expensive than monofilament lines.

Our Top 5 Picks


KastKing monofilament leaders are very strong, and it ranks top in tensile strength. This DuraBlend monofilament leader provides the good durability and abrasion resistance. I think it is the best one as it offers excellent power for fishing.

The features of this monofilament leader include superb shock strength, excellent knot strength, and abrasion resistant. It also offers low stretch and excellent clarity. This premium quality monofilament leader has low memory.

The line is made up of best quality materials. It stays soft as well as flexible. I like this feature particularly as it helps to handle easily while fishing.

It gives the reel capacity more to fight with fussy fishes.


  • It can handle 1.5 to 3 oz sinkers very well
  • Thinner than other types of line
  • It has excellent strength and doesn’t stretch like other lines
  • The rate of visibility under water is also too good
  • It is easy to tie a knot and sufficiently flexible.


  • The line is a little bit thicker than the usual monofilament lines.


Kastking Fluorocarbon fishing line comes in a combination of Copolymer Kastking line and 100% coating of fluorocarbon. This coating reduces the visibility of the line underwater. Moreover, the amalgamation of the two elements has also resulted in less memory.

This Kastking line also comes in premium copolymer castability. It has low stretch, high density, and strength and is completely abrasion resistance. Its property of least visibility has made it upgraded from the monofilament line.

Kastking Copolymer lines have more diameter than Fluorokote. This will result in a small and strong line that will provide maximum reel capacity and enhanced depth with sinking baits. It sinks quickly as it has lesser absorption.

Kastking Fluorocarbon fishing line is much durable and provides excellent knot strength. This is even highly sensitive which leaves all other lines behind. The line is very versatile, and it gives the fishermen enough confidence to fish in any circumstances and employ any technique.


  • Works well even after pulling hard by a good size
  • It is very strong
  • Easy to spool and cast
  • High quality, durable and no snagging or other types of problems
  • The cast is smooth and sinks very fast.


  • Tends to break easily.


Seagaur Red Label Fluorocarbon line is sturdy. It is also very sensitive and soft. This line can be used in Bait Casting Reels as well as spinning reels.

This line is appropriate even for saltwater as well as freshwater. It offers amazing strength and abrasion resistant. Moreover, it is almost invisible inside the water.

I like this Seagaur fluorocarbon lines because of its exclusive features like non-absorbent, chemical resistant, high density, and UV resistant.


  • It is good and affordable alternative
  • Works well under rocks
  • Great abrasion resistance, low stretch, and super sensitive
  • Almost invisible under water
  • Holds fishes of various sizes and varying environment.


  • The line has high memory which makes hard to tie the knot
  • It sucks as the main line
  • Shatters when it gets a visible crimp white in color.


Seagaur Invizx line can be used in Bait casting reels as well as spinning reels. It is a soft, more castable and limber line. This fluorocarbon line is very hard.

Despite being hard or strong, Invizx Fluorocarbon line is highly sensitive. It offers upgraded power of hook setting along with knot strength. It is even appropriate for both salt water and fresh water.

I have tried many Fluorocarbon leader lines but this line overthrew all of them. This is because it can endure big strength, and will not break off easily. It also comes with exclusive features like non-absorbent, chemical resistant, high density, and UV resistant.


  • The line is super limber and easy to work with
  • It has great strength and won’t break easily
  • It is easy to manage on the spool
  • The line will not peel off the of the spool like most others
  • It is not very stiff and doesn't tangle easily


  • The line breaks easily while tying the knots again
  • It snaps off often with small pressure while hung up


Seagaur Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader offers excellent impact. It provides good resistance to abrasion. It is a 100% fluorocarbon leader.

This line has the feature of double structure fluorocarbon and provides the best strength of tensile. It possesses great knot strength and sinks very fast. Anglers of the whole world prefer this fluorocarbon leader.


  • It has low memory and doesn't get scratched up quickly
  • It is a tough an invisible line
  • It is highly abrasion resistant


  • The line might seem to be a bit costly for many people.

If you are prepared to catch some fishes in Ireland then grab some fluorocarbon line and catch the biggest fishes. Always make sure that you are researching about the best fishing spots in Ireland before visiting the country.


After reviewing and taking into account the usual pros and cons of the five fluorocarbon line, for me, KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament leader line is the winner. This is because it is made up of high-quality materials which make it more durable.

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It is extremely soft, flexible and has too low memory. The line is almost invisible in water and provides excellent knot strength. And the best part is that it can be obtained at an affordable price.

The runner-up is Kastking FluoroKote Fishing line, followed by Seagaur Invizx Fluorocarbon fishing line, Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon fishing line and Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader.

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