Excellent Ideas for Finding The Best Fishing Line for Trout – Buyer Guide’s (2019)

Trout fishing is by far the most popular among fishing enthusiasts. There are different varieties of Trout that ranges with size and colour. But the most important question is to find the best fishing line for Trout.

Well, this article is going to help you locate the answer.

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Ways To Select The Best Trout Fishing Line

Due to the great vision in trout, the line you would use for fishing must be nearly invisible in water.

Fluorocarbon lines are advantageous as they have low visibility. It would provide real strength but keep the visibility less. However, the principal drawback of this line is the high price. But you would be able to use fluorocarbon line as a leader who would also work efficiently in trout fishing.

fishing line

When it comes to strength, lighter lines would be better for trout. And this is quite important according to my opinion. However, everything will depend upon your level of skill. If you are using monofilament line, then the eight-pound test would be perfect for trout.

Essential Aspects To Consider For Fishing Line:

While selecting the best line of fishing, you would have to deem four factors. These are as follows:


Diameter could be an important feature considered while selecting the fishing line. It puts an enormous impact upon the stretch, visibility, depth as well as in casting lures.

The lines which are of small diameter are less visible to fishes in the water. It offers an action that is lively to specific lures like grubs and crank baits.

Abrasion Resistance

Fishing lines should be abrasion resistant as these go through rough and tough conditions like rocks, trees, weather and other things. However, fishes cannot possibly see thinner lines, but thick lines are impermeable to abrasion.


Colour would play a useful role while purchasing a line for you. The lines of less visibility will be ideal if you are fishing in clear water. On the other hand, to fish in the conditions of low light, high visibility fishing lines would be perfect.

The ideal colour of lines would depend upon the environmental situation of the fishing area and your targets of fishing.


Fishing lines will be stiff if the line’s diameter is larger. This would, in turn, increase the power of line. However, you might have a problem in casting if it is too stiff.

Importance Of Trout Fishing Line Setup

If you don't select a good setup for trout fishing line, the scope of picking up the fish could sink in particular. This is because trout has excellent eyesight, far better than most other fishes that can be caught in freshwater. 

  • The physiological structure of trout eyes is same as that of humans.
  • In addition to that, trout can perceive ultraviolet frequencies.
  • The fly that you detect as a dark colour would appear entirely different in the eyes of trout as they visualise colour in a various way.
  • Trout has monocular as well as a binocular vision which provides them with the capacity to view in the opposite direction of the side being faced.

Another import fact is that trout can look in every direction almost at the same time. They possess the ability to move eyes independently and this, in turn, makes them an excellent predator. Hence, if you want to catch trout, perfect trout fishing line setup would be very necessary.

Considerable Factors for Trout Fishing Line Setup

Can Trout Perceive Fishing Line?

Well, fishing lines can be seen by trout. If they even get the slightest clue of the line that is being attached to the lure or wet fly, the trout will become doubtful. They will quickly lose interest to get caught.

can trout see fishing line

can trout see fishing line?

Trout can be probably called as line-shy, and this would help you a lot in choosing the perfect line to enjoy successful trout fishing. The line should be almost invisible once it gets in the water. This would be a major consideration for all the available lines formed for fishing in freshwater.

Our Top 5 Picks

P-Line Floroclear Fluorocarbon line could be the best one for trout fishing. This is because it becomes almost invisible as soon as it enters into the water.

This acts as an advantage for anglers providing a more sneaking presentation.

This fluorocarbon line provides assurance more of hookups and strikes. Employing a unique treatment of silicon, Floroclear has minimised memory and enhanced castability.

It also has excellent knot strength.


  • The line being coated with fluorocarbon is nearly invisible in water
  • It provides excellent resistance to abrasion
  • The line offers superior casting
  • It has little memory
  • It provides superior strength
  • The breaking point of the line is excellent
  • It never kinks
  • The knot strength is high
  • Diameter is small.


  • After some days it might have much memory.

Berkley Trilene XL line provides smoother casting. This line provides resistance against kinks and twists.

This monofilament line has the excellent strength that would boost up the confidence in you and help in better controlling.

Berkley Trilene XL is sensitive to strikes. It offers extreme versatility in using it with several techniques and many varieties of baits.

The breaking strength is 2lbs and available in colours like clear, green, fluorescent clear or blue, low visible green and fluorescent clear and blue.


  • The casting is well
  • This small memory monofilament is smooth
  • It doesn’t quickly coil up quickly for its little memory
  • The line is super sensitive
  • The line has no significant tangles
  • Superior quality
  • There are different colour options
  • Outstanding knot as well as wet strength
  • Available at affordable price rate
  • It appears to be perfect for small reels
  • It can be easily managed


  • It may not be ideal for larger reels.

Stern MagnaThin could be your top choice monofilament line for trout fishing in clear water as it has two excellent features. This line has fantastic sturdy lure natural action and less visibility.

Stern Magna is made fragile with a small diameter to improve the action of a lure, sink faster and for low water drag.

This outstanding monofilament line has the unique strength to diameter ratio. I appreciate this feature as it permits anglers to reduce the size of the line without giving up the power.

Stern MagnaThin Monofilament line can be easily controlled for longer and smoother casting. This could be said as a perfect line as it comes with ideal strength, low stretch, thin diameter as well as accurate casting count.


  • The line has very low stretch
  • It is very tight line offering the maximum strength
  • The line is less expensive compared to the other available products
  • The castability of the line is excellent
  • It has extremely less memory
  • The line is of good quality


  • The line might tangle after casting several times
  • It might break at the knot.

Seaguar Invizx can be employed in spinning reels as well as baitcasting reels. It is a very soft and nimble line that provides excellent castability. This line is too sturdy but still sensitive.

This fluorocarbon line provides an advanced setting of hook together with knot strength. Whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater, this line could be a good option to use.

Like all other fluorocarbon items, Seaguar is also nearly invisible under water.

Seaguar Invizx line provides resistance against ultraviolet rays, chemicals and non-absorbent materials. The line is of high density and impermeable to cold conditions. It is 12 pounds and has the diameter of about 0.011 inches.


  • The line is super nimble and easy to work with
  • It endures greater strength and doesn’t easily break
  • The light refraction is almost same as water
  • The line doesn’t peel off the spool like most others lines
  • It is high but thin
  • The line is not much stiff and doesn’t easily tangle


  • After using it for few days, the line might look worn out
  • It can break easily after it while retying the knot
  • Swaps off often with much less pressure while hung up.

It is a combined product of KastKing Copolymer Fishing Line and 100% high-tech fluorocarbon coating. This 100% coating has reduces the visibility of the line underwater. The line comes with little memory and has excellent copolymer castability.

This new KastKing Fluorokote line has low stretch, higher strength, and higher density and provides excellent resistance to abrasion. And all these amazing and great features make this product one of my favourite.

The lesser diameter resulted in a smaller and stronger line thereby providing more Reel capacity as well as enhanced depth with dive baits.

The sinking rate is also faster in this line along with less absorption.


  • The line is almost invisible in water
  • It is very sensitive and as tough as nails
  • The line has no memory
  • It offers excellent resistance
  • It is easy to line the fishing pole with it
  • The line is too durable
  • It provides excellent knot strength.


  • The line tend to break off easily
  • It is not 100% fluorocarbon.

Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Fishing Line for Trout


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From the top five monofilament fishing line, P-Line Floroclear Fluorocarbon line could be said as the best one. This is because it contains all those factors or features which we have considered or been looking for in the best trout fishing line. 

  • The line being coated with fluorocarbon is nearly invisible under water and offers outstanding strength.
  • It is abrasion resistant and has a very thin diameter.
  • The memory of the line is also little and would never kink.

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