5 Best Places for Camping in The US

They say it right: by connecting with nature, anyone can uplift their mood undoubtedly. For this reason, and to break away from the pollution of big cities, I recommend you to go camping. Where, you ask? Here is a list of 5 best places for camping in the United States, go ahead, read on ...

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  • Crater of Diamonds State Park

Ever dreamed of discovering buried treasures? Make your dream come true by vacationing out in the Crater of Diamonds State Park located in Arkansas. You can go out in quest of precious gems and stones that would be wholly yours to keep. Moreover, you do not need to worry a bit about not having diamond hunting equipment as it is easily available on rent on the site. However, it might get a bit hot out there while you look for diamonds, in that case, the adjoining Diamond Springs water park is the best way to chill while you are surrounded by the most exquisite forms of nature.

  • Devil’s Tower KOA

Devil's Tower is for those who chose to prefer supernatural over natural. Camping at Devil’s Tower KOA might give you a chance of having a close encounter with the supernatural. Yes, you’re right; this is the exact place where the classic movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was filmed in 1977. Not only this, but Devil’s Tower is also a perfect camping place for animal lovers. You can cherish and appreciate the beauty of nature as you sight deer, bald eagles, coyote, fox, and other animals. Enjoy all this while staying safe in the camping cabins that are available on-site.

  • Fruita, Capitol Reef National Park

If you are looking for a relaxing yet fun camping trip in the wild out there, Fruita will surely not let you down. This camping ground in Utah is an excellent option for spending quality time and de-stressing away from the noisy city. Surrounded by a plethora of amazing sceneries, views of red rock desert, and fruit orchards, nothing can surpass the serenity of Fruita. You can even plan on harvesting ripened fruits by your own hands.

  • Assateague Island, Maryland

The island offers various activities for those who want to try everything. Other than camping, you can go swimming, surfing, sun-bathing, paddle-boarding, bird watching, fishing, crabbing, ocean kayaking, biking, and above all, you can go hunting! I know the hunter inside each one of you is already excited for this one, but if you wish for it all to go as you imagined, don’t forget taking the quality Barnett wildcat c5 crossbow for hunters with you for the best experience of your lives.

  • Sparks Lake, Oregon

Visit as many oceans, deserts, or orchards as you like, but nothing can be compared to the utterly phenomenal and exceptional beauty of a crystal-clear lake surrounded by magnificent mountains. In addition to this, the camping trip is made even more fun when there is plenty to explore in the area. Have the opportunity of waking up to the stunning view of North Sisters and Broken Top Peaks from your campsite. Wade on in!

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